RW's 4-Week 10K Schedule, 5 Days Per Week

I'm doing a 10k in April, hoping to crack 50mins.  I was wandering if anyone here has followed this RW Training Plan?  What were your results?

I'm essentially a greenhorn; having run sporadically for about 8 months, but I have been doing more quality runs in 2012.  My 5K best is currently 23:33.  This will be only my second 10k, my first was way back in August and was more of a "can I actually run 10k" situation, I jogged it in 65mins.


  • I'd be interested to find out too. I have 5 weeks to my next 10K event so will try this one from next week (this week's going to be tricky as I have lots of travelling and early starts / late finishes)

  • It looks ok providing you're already running 30 miles a week and aren't just launching in!
  • I'm only doing around 15 miles a week at the moment, 3 hard sessions, I've been neglecting the longeasy runs image.  Started putting that right tonight, 8 easy miles done.

    IKFY - Life does keep getting in the way, best laid plans and all that.  I might have to take out one of the easy days and do 4 runs a week instead of 5.

  • I think I'm going to modify this slightly, do the short intervals on Tuesday, make Wednesday a rest day, do the longer intervals or hill work on Thursday, use Parkrun as a tempo run on Saturday, and do the easy runs on Sunday.

    Just did 2 12k easy runs this week, will start this next week.

  • sounds to me like you are on course. 23.33 5k indicates about a 49min 10k (Titanic?).Should be doing it myself, hoping for a few mins under 60. How did you feel on your 12ks?
  • I did 3 12ks last week Mon, Thur, and Sunday; Thursdays was a bit of a slog, but a think it was because I had had a large meal less than 2 hours before.  Pace was around 6:20 min/km, Sundays was a bit quicker, legs just wanted to go faster.

    My Parkrun was a steady 24:51, don't think I could keep that up for 10k at the moment though!  How has your running week gone?

    It is the Titanic I am targeting.

  • Just wanted to report how this schedule worked for me:

    I dropped the Wednesday easy session and switched the other sessions around to suit my situation, and it worked well for me (even with a commitment blip over Easter). Successfully hit my sub 50 min target, with a 49:05 today.
  • Well done! image
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