18 miles, two miles too far

Completed my first 18 mile run today, just about

......  Was hoping to run a marathon at the end of April but am having serious doubts about my ability to do this now.  I had to walk about three times, up some steepish hills. Just don't know if I can get my mileage up anymore......


  • Does your marathon have steep hills on them ? I'd really not give up hope. A walking break in a marathon isnt that big a deal. Walk through a couple of feed stations ? Its hard to drink and run.

    And on the big day you'll have tapered and be on fresh legs. Not tired ones after a full weeks running.
  • Thanks for the encouragement. I don't think there are any steep hills (hope not, will have to study the course a little more). Just a little daunted right now...
  • Its supposed to be hard at this point. Its a marathon you are training for.

    If you could run 18 miles without it feeling like a right bstrd there would be no training value in it and you'd have to go 20 instead.... whcih you'll have to do next anyway!

    Well done for getting to 18.

    Bank it, and go again next week.

  • 18 miles - wow; my limit right now is 9 miles.  Assuming my fitness hasn't gone down the toilet since my enforced rest break.  Well done!  The way I see it, if you've got to 18, then you can get to 26 - just keep improving at a gradual level.  And in my opinion, there'd be no shame in having to stop and walk for a bit during the marathon.

    I'm still hoping to do a marathon one day as well. image

  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    some days the long runs go right, some days it can be really hard , but as KI said , if it were easy there would be no challenge to yourself...18miles is good and you still have time (is it VLM you are doing?)...next weekend maybe do 16 again and get your confidence back up...my first marathon was january and my longest run i did was just over 21 miles..on the day those last few miles went so quick it was over...take it little bit at a time and you will be fine...walk any inclines on the say to ensure you keep a bit in reserve for the endimage
  • Wow. You can run 18 miles? Awesome!!image

    Seriously, do you know many people who can actually RUN 18 miles, with or without a little walk break? Kudos to you.

    If you can run 18 miles this many weeks before your marathon, I'd be willing to put money on you finishing on the day.  You've done the training,. evidently. You've had a hard session, but don't let it ghet you down. You didn't quit did you?You carried on. 18 miles.

    I'm not yet much of  a runner, still doing couch to 5k. What I have done are two power-walking marathons , so I do know a bit about what you're going through. Have a nice bubble bath,and don't worry about it. You can, and will, do it.

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Blinkety Blimey BWSF - if I only had to walk a few times up the hills I'd be counting that as a success. 18 is the furthest I've run - due to do 20 next week and it scares the bejeezes out of me.

    Apart from the physical pain it seems to be that this marathon malarkey is all about head games - better make friends with the voices in your head as they'll be with you for every 26 and a bit of those miles telling you that there's a sofa with your name on it ready for the collapsing on. There's a whole load of us marathon first timers wondering if we can - the only way you're ever going to find out is convincing yourself that no matter how impossible it seems there might just be another mile in those legs. If I can think positive then you certainly can cos I'm a right miserable f*cker when it comes to running!
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    you re right DL, it is a lot of mind games, find someone to talk to on your marathon, i found a lot of miles passed quickly as i chattered on the whole 26.2 milesimage....think of something at the end to look forward to..anything..pretend you are doing just 10miles..then add on another 10 and before you know all thats left is a 10k..you have to trick your mind...image...and once you get past 26miles..the fun really beginsimage
  • I too am going to be doing a marathon this year, the Brighton marathon with just under 5 weeks left to train. So far the furthest I've gone is 15 miles with a 17 mile or 3.5 hour gym session this week and an 18mile next week, this will be my longest run. I am planning on using a run/walk marathon plan which involves walking really early on in the marathon for a small amount of time and then hopefully I'll have enough left in my legs to run the last few miles. I've only been running for 18 months and am seriously doubting my ability to complete this marathon but I'm hoping that fitting in those walks will help me complete the distance.

    My real point here is that if you only had to walk a couple of times you're doing amazingly....loads better than me!!!
  • Its lovely to read such encouraging comments image

    I am hoping to do the Stratford Marathon, in seven weeks time. Anyone ran that before and know what the route is like ie hills??? 

    This next week is now an easy running week for me, no speed work and only three five or six mile runs. Two weeks time its my twenty mile run (ouch!) but at least I dont feel so bad for having to walk. The first fourteen today were totally wonderful anyway.  Thanks once again folks, and good luck to you all in your runs too image

  • well done to those on 18 miles with a Planned marathon in April

    yes, it all on the day

     yes it's total preparation - sleep, drink, food, etc

    correct footwear, correct creams for chaffing etc

    but now time is seriously  getting closer - one CANNOT do much to change your level of fitness, and it's almost time to start tapering

    keeping the body gooing by shorter stuff - one will need to arrive FRESH, and not tired or sore or lathargic

     TRY to remember, a lot of it is mind games of physcology, keeping the body and mind relaxed, keeping it fuelled

    building on a mental stamina, and the way to do thats is sopmewhere out there on a training run, to make it hurt for a short time

    building on it all gently, - runs that are little and often can keep the body and mind sharp,

    i dont believe its wise as an UN expereinced runner to keep waiting to get in long runs, as they will be painful from the outset - it's all about enjoying what one does

    going out HY drated, and witrh a little food in ones belly, and perhaps carry a babana or biscuit, (what ever suits U )


    as marathon day approaches - say 21 days before, STOP experimenting and stick to the devil you know

    as if what ever new stuff you eat or drink near to time makes you unwell

    then everything will have been for nothing

  • BWSF....Well done echo all of the advice given so far...I did my first Marathon last year in October on the day  it will be differnet with good training and a positive outlook you will be surprised how well you will do..image

    But the most important thing you need to think about is...how do you cross the finishing line

    Cool...just run over it

    One arm in the air (my partricular favourite) 

    Both arms up in the air (think of the smell..) image

    Some acrobatics ...(cartwheel anyone ? )

    Backwards ...image

    Don't forget to slap the hands of all of the kids who line the route and accept the jelly babies being offered,and you know that bloody big grin you will have after the race image...will offset the pain in your legs for the next few days....image

    Good luck we are with you...


  • Try and do a 20 race in the next few weeks before taper. If you can do a 20 under race conditions you can push yourself that extra 6.2 miles on the day.
  • Thanks everyone for the much needed advise.  Have been following my training plan down to the letter, although have had to swap the days around a little to fit in with work etc.  Ran six miles easy run today, and surprise, surprise, my legs still work after my long run Monday, and I really enjoyed it!!

    Warkie, one arm in the air it will definately be!! Even if I'm on a stretcher.....

    Dont think there's a 20 race in my area unfortunately, but I do my first 20 mile run the week after next, with my hubby cycling beside me on a bike to keep me going, or give me a lift home image.  Am thinking about ordering a camel pack and trying it out on the shorter runs this week, as because of my medical conditions, hydration is a major bug bear for me. Any recommendations??


  • Great work on the run!

     I'm doing Manchester at the end of April and following the Beginners programme on the site, I hated the 18 mile run (longest run ever) that was the weekend before last but it stepped back to 13 miles and an easy week last week and the 13 seemed easy! 20 miles this weekend (should be 18 but increased it on advice from guys on the forum) I'm not looking forward to it but it's miles in the tank!

     I use a camel back too, they're easy to run with and you soon get used to them, I find it easier actually than drinking from a bottle but on the race day I will use the feed stations. I use a bottle on my shorter runs now.

     Oh I too mix around the days of the programme to suit my work as I travel with work a fair bit, I've only missed 4 runs since starting the programme and never the long one!

     Good luck with the rest of the training, you will get around I'm convinced!

  • Quays Runner - our training programme sounds very similar!

    I'm also increasing my mileage by two miles, as my programme only takes me up to twenty miles, and I think six miles is a fair bit to just add on on the day.

    What kind of camel back do you use? I'm a bit wary of relying on the feed stations on race day as I did a half marathon last year where they actually ran out of water and energy drinks.  I was very dehydrated and ended up walking, (the st john's ambulances dotted around looked very inviting!). It knocked my confidence quite a bit, the worst half marathon I'd ever done.

    My twenty mile is this weekend, help!! Good luck with yours!

  • Couldn't agree more on the training, I have a 20 mile this weekend instead of an 18 then I've changed the 20 2 weeks later to a 22. As you say doing similar type of training. The last 4 miles of my 18 was too far though I kept the pace even! I'm aiming to slow down a bit on the 20 and feel fresher? If that's possible on a 20 mile run!

     Camel back wise I bought myself the Octane XCT in lime green, I like horrible colours for training gear clearly image I carried my phone, a couple of gels, keys and some cash on the long run but it has a little more space than that and even some bungee cords if you need to remove some clothes while you're running.

     I'm a little concerned about them running out of water and things on the Manchester Marathon but going to trust that there will be something left at each station as I'm told I'll be about half way down the crowd (aiming for 4 hours though only ever done one race so far ever, a half as part of this training)

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