Summary Required

Back from hols and need to be brought up to speed on what has been going on in Forumland. Can you help



  • Redhead in hospital today for her op. Cath recovering from first bout of chemo. Debate about rights and wrongs of tailgating. Discussions on best clothes for winter. Not many people posting training schedules. I've run 2 miles for the last 2 days, the furthest I've ever run without stopping! How was the hol?
  • SB, welcome back.

    Someone on Beginners forum is asking about the Lausanne Marathon.

    Don't miss out on a chance! ;-)

    PS, have you dried out from Glasgow yet?
  • The world has been taken over by a motley crew of nurses... Be afraid... Be VERY afraid!
  • Nessie, I have dried ou from Glasgow, have you and has Inverness?
  • Yep, just about back to normal - just one bit of road still closed, and a few houses with skips in the garden, but looking good for the marathon this weekend. Lovely sunny crisp autumn day here today. I've checked the forecast, and apparently there will be an 11pmh following wind on Sunday.

    BTW, the post re the Lausanne Marathon is actually in General under "How long is a 10k"
  • Welcome back SB.
    You should look at a thread posted by Dog Walker "so everyone sees this ". I've bounced it back to the top for you.
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