First Injury - What was different?


Completed my first half marathon yesterday but had to walk the last few miles due to an increasingly painful knee which started to kick in at six miles and prevented me from running at all after nine miles.

What's puzzling me is why it happened in the race but never before. I've been training for months now, gradually building up each week (up to 12 miles on roads) wearing properly fitted shoes, warming up properly, stretching, cooling down and keeping hydrated. In all my training I never once got a twinge in my knee.

I realise there are many potential causes and it's almost impossible to know with any certainty, but am wondering if the extra weaving around people, running up kerbs, slowing to grab water and dodging traffic cones could have been the contributing factor? This is the only thing I can see that would be different from my training runs. Would that have a likely impact? I'm obviously keen to avoid this happening again. Thanks for any insights!


  • Hi yes, thats possibly the cause, i have jarred my knee on several occasions by jumping off kerbs and also by breaking suddenly your knees take the brunt of it. I find that running any events where you are guarateed to be skipping around people and people stopping dead in front of you (why do they do that)? can have this effect on my knees so I always do therace in knee supports. Hope they help, know how you feel!
  • Hi Nick,
    I wonder if you could have been more tense than usual without realising it? I've often found that my feet hurt a lot more in races than in training if I don't concentrate on trying to stay relaxed.
    Just a possibility!
    I also agree with you and jacky. We don't train by weaving up and down kerbs etc. I don't anyway!!
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