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  • How long is your commute OC??image
  • Thanks OC! I've just had he need to visit the 'throne room' because of reading the above!! image
  • Cheers OC. Now absolutely shitting myself. Thanks.

    O.rangeCannon... wrote (see)

    all details are totally personal and there are hundreds of ways to skin a cat.....(not sure the cat is happy tho)

    V. unhappy now.

  • image

    have faith in the training....... you will get fitter. 
    Its only March and the bigger rides runs soon start and the fitness will build up....

    Consistent 4-5 hr bike rides will make you a lot fitter / stronger

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I quite like my visor.....

    (bloody hell OC where were you going on the train, Paris?)

  • Thanks OC for those details - certainly answered a couple of questions I've had in the back of my mind for a while.
  • "Pack bike kit into bag, hand to volunteer and go for a run!"

    I'd like to amend that to "attempt to go for a run" as you usually find you've left your legs on the bike. if you're lucky and haven't hammered the bike then your legs will work fine from the off, otherwise you'll be left wondering how the hell you're expected to run or run/walk for 42km.

    fear not - the legs do come back even if your running then resembles a pissed John Wayne walk
  • Nice job OC.

    I normally also bodyglide the end of my arms and legs as it makes it marginally easier to remove the wetsuit.

    I also routinely put Imodium and ibuprofen into the transition bags.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Won't they work better if you put them in your mouth?
  • Brilliant post OC.

    Not long to go now, it'll be time to get excited soon image
  • Brilliant Post, thanks OCimage

    Makes it all seems a bit too real now imageimage

  • Cold rice pudding and raisins at 3am again. Greeuurrgghhhhh.

  • image mate camp near me I should have half a supermarket off food in my tent. It's me.image

    VT'd wrote (see)

    Thanks guys, can you tell it's my night off?image

    220?  Off  for a nosey.

    I'll pack everything including the kitchen sink into my car and see what I can or can't get away with on the day.  Anal or what?

    Not at all I'm bring sissor's this time. Just in caseimage

    Cpt.Jack sparra wrote (see)
    I have a question there a chippy near the finish that will be open for food for the very late finishers ?? Only asking because when I finished Antwerp half last year I had the sudden urge to eat a weeks worth of food !!

    There are drive through macD's and a whole street off fast food goodness about a mile from the place if you need it but like other posts there will be a mountain off food at the end. Don't get there to slow because if I'm ahead off you you might not get a look in. image

    Top tip switch off your phone at the finesh line last time I phoned my dad to say I was ok while I was getting some food and then had everybody and there mum phone me while I was trying to eat some well earnd fodder. Sort yourself out and then switch it on because it might be hard to not pick up the phone to your gran and other loved ones.

  • Thanks OC,Your post kind of makes me feel sick and excited.What have we let ourselves in for!
  • great post OC, just something that happened in transition last year.....don't try to mark you bags as they will be rebagged!!! also there is a cafe on site( next to the bar) that is open from about 4.30am till very late, the food is good, reasonably priced and is proper food i.e porridge in the morning, pasta and rice dishes in the afternoon and evening. 
  • Cake is the man I feel....

    Rice dishes??? Hmm, me & pasta don't get on, me and rice do.
  • Good stuff OC, if we could have stickies, that should be one (along with "What are the Pirates and how do I join?") image

    From a quick skim all the little things I was thinking of - salt tablets, ibrupofen (NB LOTS of bad press about these!), vaseline/chamois butter, fresh pair of socks - are covered. A mix of sweet an savoury snacks was something I thought of, as your tastes change over the course of the day.

    Don't know if it was mentioned, but a little motivation from home can help loads. I had a little pirate bracelet and a Princess badge (I don't do myself any favours, do I!) from my kids to wear, which helped in the flatter moments. I've seen pics of loved ones taped onto pro's bikes, Chrissie has her poems on water bottles etc. With that and your eyes on the prize - hands in the air crossing the finishers line, Pirate top nicely zipped up, (not looking down, fiddling with your Garmin as you cross the line etc!) and the odd missed gel or bit of kit can be dealt with.

    I guess what I'm saying is, do get the kit right, but even if you don't, or something goes wrong on the day as it can, your personal motivation and the Pirates will get you through the day.
  • Nice one Gladys, <snigger> Princess bracelet?!! Well, if it works ... carry on mincing!! image' />
  • Walked into that Gladys....
  • I know, I know! I knew it was coming from someone, just didn't expect it to be the Prince! image' />

    Anyway, it wasn't a princess bracelet, it was a PIRATE bracelet (just a Princess badge!) image' />
  • Love the Avatar BTW.
  • FerrousFerret wrote (see)

    I also routinely put Imodium and ibuprofen into the transition bags.

    M..ouse wrote (see)
    Won't they work better if you put them in your mouth?
    Now that made I larf right proper image' />
  • Just a quick note on Ibuprofen when I did my ultra the doctor for the event told me not to use as they can raise your heart rate quite alot but this is not everyone some use without any problems my advice for what it is worth dont use anything you have not tried before the day.
  • Confiscate some amphet and you be ok - I'm assuming your PC Phil image' />
  • Dustboy  wrote (see)
    Walked into that Gladys....

    or minced ...image' />
  • Great stuff OC +1 for motivation Mrs RBM and the kids had done me notes to be opened when it got tough for my first IM, I was doing it for breast cancer in memory of my mum there were some references to how proud she would have been i spent the next 2 miles bawling my eyes out image' /> your emotions are on such a roller coaster but it certainly helped me press on and get the job done image' />
  • Q: Are there mile markers on the run course?


  • I would think the answer would be no Marshallini - dont usually see them
  • They had markers every 5 miles last year. Unfortunately, on your first lap around the lake the first marker you get to is the 25 mile one, which is a bit disheartening.
  • ...there you go, I stand corrected  image' />
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