I have been jogging now since early November and am loving it, feel totally addicted. I got out 2or 3 times a week, running between 3-6 miles a time in the evenings. I have good shoes (Gait analised etc) but that is about all I know!

I never stretch before I go out and I do some very basic stretches when I get in,

do calf stetch ( legs one in front of the other and stretch back leg)

I do a thigh stretch (foot to bum knees together)

and then another strtch feet sideways that seems to stretch legs again.

 I am worried this is not enough and I am at risk of injury ( I am never sore of tight the next day) but I have looked online and there seems to be so much conflicting advice about static stretches and mobile ones etc. I often walk the last 1-200 yrds home.

What is your routine? Any advice is very welome, I love this and want to make sure I can keep doing it! 


  • LoubyLou34 wrote (see)
     I am never sore of tight the next day

    Sounds like your routine is good for your technique and the distance / speed you're going at the moment.

    Every runner builds up their own bank of stretches they feel they need, and it's never a good idea to copy someone else without knowing why you're doing it. 

    Most people now agree that there's no need to stretch before going out. Just make sure that you take time to warm up by walking / jogging for a decent distance at the start of your run. If you really want to stretch before, then dynamic, rather than static, stretches are your thing. This means strides, knees up in front, arse-kicks, side-ways running, lunges etc.

    Afterwards, cool-down properly (jog / walk again for a decent distance), then do your static stretches. I add a couple of hamstring stretches, one for my IT band and one for my achilles on top of what you do. Basically I do this because my achilles / calves get tight because of my running style. 

    Do a search of 'stretches runners world' in Google when you want to add an exercise that isolates a particular area.

  • I'd add the ITB stretch as most runners seem to suffer from this. Certainly those that I run with. We are all beginners as well.
  • ok thanks, there seems to be alot of different ITB stretches (As I had to look it up, didn't know what it was!image)

    IS there one that is better?, the sitting with leg across , knee to chest seem the easiest to me.

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