Tough Guy 2013



  • the cold is the only thing to beat really ye, Ye could meet up , its going to be really busy thoughj that morning,  ofr me there will be others alone like myself , its good to have somebody to push you around the course when you need it, will prob just meet a random at the wait though, cant believe its finally here....


    Camlo , well done to you, I hope you all have a great day,

  • Omg I am terrified now. The weather drop is making me have palpitations about getting hypothermia. Have ordered a neoprene beanie to go with my shortie suit and gloves!
  • Iam keeping my fingers  crossed for a mild day but the water will sill be freezing...


  • last run today before sunday. was quite warm in skin tight shorts and a canterbury warm baselayer, thats all im wearing!
  • Scared dot com. I have my knee pads and latex swim hat.  21 miles done in the snow off road over 2 days at the weekend and another six last night. Fingers crossed i make it round. The best of luck everyone.

  • I am also doing this Sunday as a Wetneck. Done a few swim/runs in the sea as prep, hoping it will stand me in good stead for the w/end. Wish i'd have seen this earlier & done more work on my upper body strength but hoping to finish it.

  • im sure we will all make it round image good luck to everyone!
  • Hi All,

    Getting fairly nervous myself now, pretty sure the endurance will be fine, can run 6 miles and hoping the adrenaline will carry me the last 3. Strengths not an isuue. I think just the cold is going to be unreal.

    Is anyone else doing it on their own as i am and would be quite nice to have someone to go round with.

    Good luck all!

  • ye Oliver, I'm doing it on my own as my wife is a spectator , can do togethre if you like I will be starting in the wetnecks as its my first 1 .  we going down on the saturday morning to the site then going out to watch the footy in the day, staying over the night so will be there early doors sunday morning. inbox me or get me on facebook if you like, my profile pic is , Vincent Kompany with the premier league cup, cheers

  • Have bitten all my nails off today. Weather forecast could not really be worse - torrential rain and strong wind.... Arrrgh.

    I see that although the car park was full and all ??10 passes issued they have suddenly found another field to flog at ??20 a space. Hmmmm
  • bought my pass when signed up so I got a place somewhere think its blue car park, if it rains though the air temp wont be to cold then, just hacve to deal witht the wind when you are going down tomorrow morning to have a look around, cant wait , will be fun

  • justed checked the weather on 3 different sites, they all say sunny with patchy cloud saturday and sunday, witha  high of 6 degrees ,

  • congratulations to everybody taking part, hope you all finished safe and well, I got round in 3 hours 50 mins but will get official tag time in about 10 days......water wasnt too cold but everywhere was really muddy, still had a great time, going back next year.

  • Well done Daren, I found it really tough as I'm only 5ft tall. Had plenty of help shoving me up out of the river and slurry but found all the climbing obstacles tough when my stride is so short. Have to confess after falling off the rope cross over the net, I didn't risk trying to get across the ice water one and skipped around the side. Guessing it saved me as frogmen were very busy hauling people out!

    Not sure I would agree that the water wasn't that cold..... Wading chest deep in ice turned my toes to concrete.

    Loved the choc biscuits and thanks to the lovely cadet who pulled my gloves off so I could eat them.
  • well done, you did a great job, I just thought is was me next to you when you fell off the ropes, I said to you I will pull the ropes down but there was too much tension in them then you fell off, biscuits and tea was very welcoming, we are all winners for just even attempting it .....well done, what was your time??

  • Haha yes it was me!!! My short legs just made everything so much harder! I was doing it with my son and he was really suffering from the cold so that's why we missed the next biggie water stuff. It obviously saved us quite a bit of time as not only did we skirt round without queuing/doing but we stayed warm so overtook loads on the next few obstacles. Picked a guy up who was grey and totally speechless and knew i had made the right decision. Persuaded son back into the water at Viagra for a swim to the finish and crossed at around 3:40
  • lol, its a small world isnt it, out of all the competitors we were next to each other on the ropes...what are the chances of that, lol nice to meet you though for about 10 secs, I seen a few getting took off the course shivering quite bad, mainly was young lads quite slim builds, I hope you both enjoyed it though, its best if your not feeling 100% to put himself through more torture, are you going next year ?? I think I will but get somebody to do it with me, I am doing tough mudder in may.


    this is the link to get your official time and finishing place..

  • that was tough, i got round in 2:37, but took me 20 minutes to get along the side of the lake the first time, and then held up all the way round...I reckon i could of got round an hour quicker....So this means i will have to go back and do it again....and next time pay to start nearer the front ! In the meantime.....Nettle Warrior anyone ???
  • think the winner done it in 1:27 so you could be verging on winning it then, I was in queing all the way round, thinking about nettle warrior and also tough mudder in may.


  • Im usually around 15-20 minutes of the winners pace in a 1/2 marathon, so that sounds about right....Plus of course i can only guesstimate exactly how much time I could make up...Around the hills and the river slalom, was a serious loss of time, as was that first stretch down the side of the lake...Real bottleneck ! Wasnt massively bad after that but probably 2-3 minutes at least on each of the big obstacles. My training partner started in the front squad and got round in 1 hr 48, and he cant live with me usually in a race ! Im in for the Nettles, not sure about Tough Mudder.....chatting to one guy on Sunday, and he reckoned it was nowhere near as tough as the race this weekendimage Then again can anything be as tough as submerging in -10c ??????
  • ye I think unless you do iron man then any obstacle course will be easy afetr tough guy!! lol, , ye its hard to say how much time could be cut off with no queing but you sound pretty fit , I found some of the runnign hard as it was slippy and some of the tracks were on a slant and was impossible to run on as just kept sliding down the edge and possible ankle breaker....very enjoyable though, with the water, the double stretch of icy water was the worst I didnt find the rest of the water that bad really, maybe was the adrenaline carrying me through, Tough mudder looks a bit camp compared to tough guy but still would like to do it,

  • Had an absolute mare, first half of the race i was doing ok in a team of 9, slow at times because one of two wasn't runners but then after the long 300 metres walk thru the ice cold water (can't remember what it was called) the mud took one of my trainers without me knowing, then i lost my sock and started to get seriously worried. My foot was in a shocking state but i wasn't gonna quit, lost 7 of the team but didn't care, had to bail out of the barbed wire obstacle because of the foot and hypothermia setting in,lost my other trainer near the end but adreline helped me finish the last bit. Completed it in 4 hours 30 which at the time was shocking but after thinking of what i went through i became chuffed. I said never again but i'll be back.

  • came in 123rd. Did start in front squad though! what a brilliant day! as i got half way round killing fields i could here the sirens! quite haunting! 

    Big shout to everyone who finished and to those who didnt SEE YOU NEXT YEAR image

  • The sound of some guy screaming in pain in the tunnels will stay with me for a long time!!! Think he had serious cramp.

  • The torture chamber was the worst with the electric shocks which were powerful evrybody was green pete---I felt sorry for those who lost footwear as it kind of ruins the experience to a degree , as when on the sloping hill run up down , up down which seemed to go on for a eternity, I seen a few in just bare feet, but credit to them and yourself for continueing, it doesnt matter what time you got , at least you completed the course as thats the main objective! it is addictive, didnt think I would want to do the same course again but now I cant wait for next year....haha, congrats to everybody who took part, anything after that will be a doddle!!!

  • The screams! priceless!
  • yer the sirens were haunting, at one point it seemed like they were all around as that was all i could hear...I got belted 3 times in the torture chamber, but there was one guy next to me who flinched every time he got a belt, and that triggered another one,lol. Caused an effect of making hIm look like he was having a fit. Didnt find the shocks that bad, (not sure what I was expecting), just more like a dull thud. The feeling of cramp in the tunnel must have been bad. I could feel my hamstrings tightening as i came to the end, luckily i was close enough to stick my arms out of the end and drag myself out, must have been a killer and a real worry to get cramp midway in the tunnel !
  • My girlfriend saw a man cramp up completely on the slide just before the end. A spectator jumped over and helped him out. What a kind act.

      Just one of the many reasons why im doing this again next year image

  • that was the single most difficult thing ive ever done in my life related to sport. I have never been so cold or so muddy - or so focussed. Truly amazing, agonising, mind bending, gut wrenching. Designed to break you. Would love to do a summer one. They say the water was minus 10, it felt like it as the shards of ice slammed into your shins. When i got home i blew my nose and mud came out.

    Not for sissys.

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