Mablethorpe marathon

Hello out there.

Just entered the above.

Anyone done it before? Would be good to have an idea of what to expect. Hope for flat and fast?



  • If its the same course as last year, it was super flat so should be a fast course. 2 laps.

    Very very hot day last not so fast!

  • Thanks Sean.

    Was a strange Summer! You going back?

  • Hi 

    I did Mablethorpe last year it was my first full Marathon - mainly because it is flat!

    The Team who organise this are fab and make huge efforts to get this event together.

    They made extra efforts last year to cope with the extreme weather conditions by laying on extra extra water stations (the year previous to that was brass monkeys weather) The Marshalls are brilliantly supportive and I couldn't fault any of it.  

    Most people who reviewed last years event gave it the thumbs up, you'll not please everybody all the time but generally people seeem to rate it well. 


  • Thanks very much. Never done a race by the sea but can see the weather making all the difference. Its going to be a pb attempt so hope the weather Gods are with me/us

  • I'd say so.

    I ran it last year and the year before. As Grumpycow said, 2010 it was brass monkey weather. Wet, windy and cold! It was a single lap course then. Last year it was about 28C when I got back to the car to drive home and a 2 lap course. Most of the last mile or so is along the promenade by the sea. Its a good event. I'd give it a big thumbs up.

  • Been looking at this but I think the low amount of runners is putting me off.

    Not sure i could do a marathon when I won't be able to even see anybody else

  • Hi Dean

    Don't let that put you off - I'm sure there'll be enough there for you to see somebody all the way round.

    Have a look at the results from last year - there ween't that many big gaps. And don't  forget that you'll have all the supporters on the sea front pushing you along - twice! 

    Go on, have a go! 

  • Yes its a good one, not exactly scenic, but quite pleasant, and well organised. I'm surprised it isn't a bigger field, because its a real PB course. The mile markers were pretty accurately placed. There is a Half Marathon that starts a bit earlier, so the end of the first lap we were overtaking quite a lot of slow runners, but on the second lap it thinned out to the point that there were small groups of runners about every 50 yards, always somebody to try to keep up with. Of course if you are really fast, that may not be the case, we were just over 3 hours.
  • Hi all, looking for a fast, flat course but does anyone know if this race offers chip timing and, importantly, bottled drinks?

  • Hi

    Yes to the chip timing, you had to collect your chips before the race last year.

    I think it costs them money if they don't get them all back and of course a lot of people don't turn up on the day, don't send their chip back and then the event ends up footing the bill. 

    Not bottled water, but I think the energy drinks were.


  • I would say to email the organisers.

    They are very approachable and helpful if you have any questions, just ask them.
  • I have just been having a look at this one - I would be doing the Half thoughimage

    Reckon it must be flat - which is perfect for me.  Just did the Leeds Half at the weekend - and it was quite hilly. I don't like hills (despite living in W Yorks).


  • Just emailed the organisers again trying to find out if my race companion can cycle the route for support st various points. Anyone any idea on start time? Hoping for decent weather and not too hot
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