Dearnford Lake Relay

This is our clubs 1st race and should be a good event thats a little different (and hopefully the weather will be kind too)


  • Well done Whitchurch whippets, great event! Are there any pictures from the night??
  • Thanks, i'm glad that you enjoyed the race. I know that there was a photographer there but i think he was just taking shots for adertising for the future, but probably worth keeping an eye on our website incase any appear!

  • Hi Peter, I'm hoping to get hold of the photos this weekend then we'll see about making them available. Photographer says he took about 400 but there is likely to be some editing needed.

    Congratulations on your run.

  • Cheers, I'll keep an eye out for some photos! Is It gonna be an annual event? Made a nice change from the usual 5/10k races!
  • We're very much hoping to make it an annual event. Glad you enjoyed the format. I'm sure we'd all enjoy a bit more sunshine though!

  • Photos now available through Whippets Website. Feel free to copy/download any you want.

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