5 weeks to 1st marathon and had to change my training


So I have been training hard since ealry last year but had 2months of not training recently due to runners knee just at the most critical point of training. I started from nothing and last weekend I did my longest run so far of 12 miles.

My plan is to next weekend run 14miles and the weeknd after 16miles and then to have 3 weeks tapering. I know it's not ideal but I am making the best of what I have got.

I would just like some general advise on if people think this is a good plan or if I should try fit in 3 long runs/increase the distance more? I am warey of not agrivating my runners knee by pushing it just before the marathon.

I really want to do the marathon in 5hours. I am a pretty slow/ploddy runner so this would be a huge acheivement for me!

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  • I am doing a get you round program, sunday just gone was a half marathon, this sunday is going to be a  10 mile, the one after that is another half marathon, and the following sunday is the last long run at 16-18 miles. Then a 3 weeks taper

    don't know if that helps!

  • Hi Gil Douri

    I did my first marathon as a novice and did'nt follow any program what so ever that was 7 years ago, my longest run was 16 miles and managed to get round but the last few miles were a killer. Still came home in 3.27 could'nt walk down the stairs for days afterwoods. I'd say do an extra week and do an 18 miler just have a 2 week taper you'll be fine, the crowd will get you round the rest. At least you'll have those miles under your belt. Good Luck let us know how you get on!!

  • The other alternative is to look at a run/walk programme.  You might find that helps you get around on a more evenly paced basis.  If you've only done 12 miles and have 5 weeks to go, then you're going to be pushing it to get the miles in.

    If you're going to do that, then start now, work out what your run / walk ratio is going to be and start training. 

    Don't forget to practice your nutrition/ hydration as well - check which gels etc you're using and make sure they agree with you.  I'm assuming that if your longest run to date is 12 miles that you haven't yet started using gels.

  • Thanks for all the really great advice!!! Much appreciated image
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