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 i live in Northern Ireland, Co Tyrone. Hoping to do the London Marathon next year and am looking for a training partner or beginners clubs who can get me going!

Anyone up for,it, let me know.



  • Hiya Nigel.

    I'm from NI as well, Derry area.  There's a Northern Ireland thread on the General Running forum with lots of NI runners who'd be able to advise you regarding which clubs to try and where/how to find a running partner.

    Are you a complete beginner or have you been running for awhile?

  •  Hi Evie

     Thanks for the reply!

     I'm a beginner, have bought a pair of running shoes and thats it. I do hill walking but to be honest its not getting me that fit so been thinking about running for a while.

     I tried running a few years ago but got demotivated so thought if i had a goal to work towards such as the marathon it might help.

     I'll check out the NI thread now.

     Do you run? Are you a member of a club?


  • Hill walking is great, and will give you an advantage over other beginners. image

    I started running at the end of October using the NHS Couch to 5k podcasts. Found them very handy.  It's a run/walk programme that slowly builds up the amount of running you do.  Naff music, but a woman's voice tells you when to walk and when to run as well as giving tips and encouragement.

    Since finishing that I've been using an online training programme to get to 10k, I'm almost there, but my knees have been objecting a bit.

    I take the dog with me when I run (called canicross).  He's all the company I need and the fact that he needs out for exercise keeps me motivated. image

    You'll find yourself addicted to running in no time, and these forums are a really valuable source of info, they have been for me anyway.  Keep us posted on your progress!

  • I'm going to take the plunge and start this weekend, will look at the couch to 5k plan you suggested.

    Running 10k non-stop sounds pretty impressive from where i'm standing so well done. I'm thinking i'll need a running buddy to keep me going so will check on the NI thread, will also ask about clubs etc....

    There have been a few 5k's near me recently so am planning to train up and try those in the next few months.

     Thanks for taking the time out to answers my questions and for the advice.

     You never know, may bump into you at local running event. i'll be the one at the back!


  • Probably just infront of me, lol.

    You should also check out the Parkrun website.  It's a free 5k timed run, you just need to register online for your barcode.  There's now 3 in Belfast and a new one starting in Ballymena at the end of this month.  I haven't been to any of those yet, a bit far from me (I don't drive), but hear they are great craic, with all abilities attending them.

  • evie may . im in similar position . got a place in london marathon for next year. im a regular half marathon runner but looking for someone to do occassional long run with.  will check out above links ta.image

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