Mr and Mrs Fat Face.....

...would like to thank you all for your kind wishes. We thoroughly enjoyed our big day and we were blessed with fantastic weather. Everything went smoothly and there were no last minute problems. We look forward to seeing some of you at some events sometime.

Happy running.

Rob and Nicky (real names)

P.S. If you are wondering why I am on the forum and not on honeymoon, we had our honeymoon 3 weeks ago!!


  • Congratulations!!! All best wishes for the future.
  • Congrats to you both...

    Have another honeymoon anyway, they're fun.

    Or just keep on having the same one!!

    All the best,

  • Congratulations. Hope that the ball and chain doesn't slow you down on your run!

  • did you fit a run in over the weekend??

    I'm just visualising the service - "do you Nicky whatever take Rob Fat Face....?"
  • Yes, I actually had a little run out yesterday morning.
    We has a very untraditional wedding. We have both been married before, we didn't want any fuss. We arrived in the same car, from the same house at the registry office. Walked in to "Come up and see me make me smile" by Cockney Rebel, signed the register to "Feel Like Fred Astaire" by James (the best band in the world, ever), all back to ours for drinks then down the local restaurant for a monster nosh and then back to ours for more alcohol via a trip to my local for a pint or two of my favourite bitter (Cains).

  • Congrats Mrs & Mrs Fatface, you look far too young to have been married before.
    Sounds like a good untraditional do. (great choice of songs - but why wasn't the forum asked to vote on songs and menus for you? That's what we do best after all.)
  • No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,

    What have you done? I mean, come on, you've done it before and you wanted to do it again. What is it about losing your financial independence that appeals so much? Why do you want to give someone else the right to moan when you leave your soggy sweaty kit lying around?

    No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

    Well I suppose you know what you've done so well done and mucho congrats!

    (It's never too late to buy a new identity and skip the country)
  • The wedding sounds excellent, it's great to break with tradition sometimes (I wore dark purple when I got married) .Congrats!
  • Thanks for the compliment Laura. I will actually be entering the V40 category next April!!Or were you being sarcastic?
  • FF... Don't get involved with Laura... She's lovely, but you're only just married...

    Remember that ok?!
  • Congratulations Fatface - hope you and the new Mrs will be very happy together :)
  • Many congratulations to both of you. May you always be worthy of one another.

    Hope she's not going to complain about the amount of time you spend with your mates on the forum - spouses seem to have a habit of doing that!

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Congratulations Mr and Mrs Fatface. I have to agree with Laura - you look 20 - 30 in your picture! Come up and see me, make me smile, what a wonderful song to mark the moment. Hope you'll always be able to make each other smile....
    And please can we have a wedding pic attached somewhere?....

  • Having met FF I can say that he really does look like his picture. Not met Mrs FF though so can't say. Hope you have great times together

  • Congratulations - I hope that you have many happy running days together!
  • Congats to you both. Its sad but I tend to agree with Barkles Ahhhhhhh. Must be the age.

    Like you youngster I join the over 40's next year maybe we can meet up and celebrate it at some run or other. Zimmer frames at the ready!
  • Well done you two ! When are you sending out those little dinky boxes of wedding cake ?

    I join the 40 club as well next April - is this forum an age thing - are we users all of a certain sad generation?

    Sounds like we need a new posting !!
  • You start it SS and I'll join it. Drew swears by reaching 40 and looks what its done for him.
  • Sarcastic? Not this time, that's only when I'm talking to Jon (looks like he's still smarting from the limerick exchange).
    Genuinely surprised to hear your age - unless the photo is an old one of course! That's enough ageism for now.
  • Thought you were talking about me for a split second Laura, sob!
  • I can tell from your pic you have a very youthful bouquet.
  • It was a good year, fine nose!
  • Blue Knees - a great race to meet up next April to celebrate all our 40th's, well the London Marathon of course. It's 2 days after I'm 40.
  • Getting in is the issue with that one FF. We need another 'Windsor' for next year and get everyone out.
  • It's a new rule for 2003 - you automatically get in if you apply the year that you are 40;)
  • Worth a try!

    I think I'm going to propose the idea of a get together race. I guess it has to be middle of the country
  • Am sending off my application now. As I keep telling everyone, I'm 42 today so a reject is not an option. Mrs SY3 has bought me a HRM (£49.99 from The Northern Runner in Newcastle), and little SY3 has bought me an orchid. Any suggestions for how to use it?

  • How about a picture Sythree. You could have said orchid!
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