Is 4 weeks enough time to wear in new trainers for the London Marathon?

My trainers from Nike , Nike Pegs are late and will be here this week. That gives me 4/5 weeks to bed them in before the London Marathon, is that enough time. Bare in mind im wearing them most days either at the gym doing weights and low miles on the treadmill or my twice a week long runs?



  • IMHO if they're the same running shoe as you've been wearing before and the same size, yes. If you pick up blisters easily or have other issues with your feet, maybe not.

    I'm lucky in that previously I've done a 20 miler for a pair's first wearing image
  • I use Nike pegs 27 and these are 28. Ive always used Nike Pegs 27 so im presuming these are ok.
  • DeanR7DeanR7 ✭✭✭

    you will have no problem

  • I tend to do a couple of short sessions and then my last long run in my race shoes, followed by the light sessions in the final week, so that when I start the race they have maybe 40 miles or so in them. This is in identical shoes to the previous pair however.
  • I'm with the Fish. I like the feel of a new pair of trainers on race day with a few dozen miles in them.
  • Yes, but only use running shoes for running - don't wear them at the gym!
  • Don't worry, 4 weeks is plenty of time to wear in. I ran about 20 miles before race day in my last marathon shoes and had no problems.

    However, as someone who used to wear Pegasus a lot, Nike seem to change the fit and feel of them every year. They've gone downhill since 25 in my opinion and I find them almost unwearable now.
    Although I have been transitioning to more minimal shoes over that time which might have something to do with it.
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