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Hi, RW members this is my first forum post and I someone can help image

 I've just got back into running after a lengthy spell out with injury/illness.

Currently I run at the gym 3 times a week (for between 20-45 mins per session), which I combine with weight training (for 30/40 mins per session).

I'm running a 5k road race in May so I will be looking to step up my running in the next few weeks but I'm a bit confused as to what to do with my current weight training program - do I keep it the same or do I need to modify it as I increase my running time?

I vary between 2 programs of weight training, changing to the other program every 4 weeks:

1) Training multiple body parts per session, 3 sets of each exercise up to 12 reps per set with lighter weights.

 2) Training 1-2 body parts per session, 4 sets of each exercise 6-8 reps per set with heavier weights.

 Any advice/tips/suggestions would be most welcome!  


  • Are you running on the same day as your weights? I've found that you can happily combine 3-4 runs with 2-3 weights sessions a week without negatively affecting either. That's not to say you wouldn't get better results focusing on one or the other.

    I tend to do weights and running on separate days. If I'm marathon training I will drop weights to once a week which is enough to maintain strength.

    If you're coming back from illness/injury your first priority should be not to overdo things though!

    Good luck.
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    i would suggest.

    - run twice a week for 20 minutes and with weight training (one heavy, one light).
    - third day try a longer distance without weight training and drop the third weight session.

    the other best advice is to run outside. endurance and weight training combine very well. if your legs are sore and injured you can focus on the upper body when you do weights to allow extra recovery on the less/injured area.

    good luck.
  • It depends what you want out of your training. I want to run faster and eat as much cake and chocolate as I want, so I run lots and don't do any weights, just a bit of core work.
  • Thanks for the advice guys. I didn't want to give up weights completely as I do enjoy my gym sessions and they have increased my strength I just wasn't sure how to fit them in to a more intense running schedule but what's been suggested sounds do-able.image


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