Silverstone 10k

Does anyone know if the 2012 Silverstone 10k will give chip timing from start time to finish please?

This would be my first 10k which I should complete within 90mins but if I am at the back and it's timed from a gun start my timing would be much longer.

Also is there a time limit for completing the race please? That is would you be disqualified if you did say 93mins?

(I have timed myself over two 10k runs last week- the first within the 90mins but the second outside it- though there's still 6 weeks of training yetimage



  • it usually is.....

  • hello sd, i ran last year, yes chip times. silverstone is a fast course. if your running 90 mins you should chop ten minutes of that. im running to . have a good run.
  • Yes - chip timing line to line for 2012 (as last year).

    There is no time limit for completion 

    Just over 800 entries confirmed already and we usually get 300+ on the night so if you are going to enter on the night please be as early as possible - gates open at 5.30 for runners.  You can go to the 10k page on our web site to keep a track of entrants and to download race instructions and site plans.

    Just hoping for the weather now! 


    Silson Joggers AC 

  • Yaay I have just entered this image did the HM here a few weeks back so looking forward to going back and maybe getting a PB for my 10K image lets hope the weather is kind

    Can anyone tell me, as you have to collect number and chip on the night do you have to wait for ages or is the process pretty swift?  I live fairly local so don't want to be hanging around for 2 hrs before the race starts - any info appreciated thanks

  • Can't wait to do this..... twenty years of watching F1 and Moto GP etc it's my turn to ruin some rubber! Albeit with an expected lap time of about 30 minutes lol....

  • Did it today...fantastic course great organisation
  • Brilliant tonight - well done to everyone that took part.  We had 1,111 finishers which was a record.  We managed to process over 400 entrants on the night - also a record.

    The results will be on the web site in the morning.  There are a few missing names which I will try and resolve but if you can help let me know please by e-mail

    Apologies to those that did not receive a medal.  We will investigate this as we thought that we had ordered enough. 




  • Fabulous event, I loved it and managed to get a PB for 10k (although I had to laugh as people were leaving as I started my 2nd lap image.

    Does anyone have a link as to where any photos maybe please?


  • Glen, try here: linky

    I missed this one - again. Seems fate is set against me...

  • Thank you for a great event. Very well organised and for one who lives in the hills of the Forest Of Dean FANTASTICALLY FLAT ! I will definitely be recommending this one to my fellow club runners. We should put it in our Championship for 2013

  • When is the date usually fixed for the next year. Would like to do this in 2013
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