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Hi all, I wonder if anyone has any recommendations for a running backpack 15L or around 20L is good



  • What does everyone else like using?
  • I've got an OMM Classic 25 - maybe a little big for what you want, but it's a grand pack - the side pockets are fantastic.
  • thanks for the info, what do you put in it? change of clothes and other stuff?
  • Bit of everything - used it for work with shoes, small towel, showerproof jacket, lunch and so on - all fitted in quite well. Also used just for a showerproof jacket and pair of tights if it's looking changeable.

    Have plans to stick a tiny ultralight sleeping bag in there and either a solo tent or a bivvy bag along with a hexi stove and bits and pieces and do a bit of wild camping/ running in them there hills. image

  • madmickiemadmickie ✭✭✭
    check out the planet fear mountain marathon kit list.
    The OMM 25 is the weapon of choice. plenty of room for what you want - comfortable, light, functional.
  • Love my OMM apart from not being able to reach any water bottles in the side pockets.
    Maybe I have funny arms ?
    You can use it with a bladder anyway.
  • I picked up an OMM bottle holder, designed to fit on the shoulder strap - does the job nicely.  Can use a bladder (or a second bottle holder on the other strap) if you need one.
  • OMM rucksacks are brilliant and totally bombproof!
  • Wouldn't swap mine, though I also wouldn't mind a Salomon S-Lab 5 if I were a richer man - just the right size for a day out and it looks really well put together...
  • I got a 100k event coming up and looking to get a running backpack to be used during this event as well as for my bike ride commute to work.

    I like the reviews coming from the OMM packs but has anyone got or tried their new OMM's Adventure Light 20

    Seems like a good pack as it is hydration system compat so i could fit my camelback 2L system into it which would be handy, price seems quite good too.

     good buy?

  • Not seen one in the flesh - for info, the Classic 25 is also hydration compatible.

    Salamon XA20 - pockets on the side, which are easily accessible for munchies. Separate pouch for hydration bladder, sewn in small bottle holder (I cant take gels straight, so I empty four in to a small bottle (from Wilkinsons £2.49) and dilute. Little pouch inside for MP3 player, with hole to feed earphones through (I love my music). Air mesh back to aid cooling


    Great bag all round!



    I also add on an Inov8 Mesh pocket for extra munchies when on a long run.

  • Cotsworld Outdoor + Free delivery + 15% via British Orienteering voucher =£42.50


  • Recently got a Salomon Wings XT 10+3 Vest - it's on a sort of vest rather than shoulder staps. Fantastically comfortable and speeads the weight so you barely know you're carrying stuff, yet has four pockets you can reach while you run (two on the vest, one each side) and the bladder is close to your back so very stable and actas as a cushion between yoou and anything else you might carry. Wore it on a 22-mile training run and it was great.

  • I use a North Face "Enduro 30" for most runs where I need to carry kit.  I run to the train station and sthen through London every morning on the way to work and I get all my work clothing, towel, shoes, coat etc in there no problem.  Its got a really good chest harness system which stops any movement on the back.

    For training or if taking the Cadets out for a run I use an Osprey "Raptor 6" the hydration bladder taken out.  Good enough for getting small first aid kit, jacket and personal stuff into.

  • inov8 is always worth a look, used an elite backpack for all my long training runs and then for L2B run with no rubbing whatsoever, still going strong too

  • on bladders, i seem to remember reading about widgits you could put on the tube to measure how much you've got left. do these still exist (at the moment, prefer bottles because you can look and see easily.)?

  • I've just been treated to a Salomon XA Skin Pro 14+3.  Extremely comfortable to wear and at 14/17 litres with a 1.5 litre bladder should be plenty big enough for most events bar the longest ultra's or multi day races.

    It will be getting its first long outing this weekend but first impressions are excellent.

    baldbloke - camelbak definitely do a gauge for their bladders though I'm not sure how compatible it is with other makes?

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