Why's that woman up there running in a black bra and green pants?

I think her outfit is very badly co-ordinated, but aside from that who runs in a bra anyway?


  • Trialtheletes image

  • The world can't contain the wrongness present right there...
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ooh.... I think I might have to copy and paste that picture.... image

    I've been known to take off my top and run in my sports bra only under the following conditions:
    - I'm completely alone (as in no other person in the next 3/4 miles)
    - It's over 35'c and my tshirt is drenched in my own sweat and weighing me down.

    Regarding colours - I'd like to quote a blog that I read that matches my style directly:

    "...I don’t know too many people with less appropriate fashion choices than myself.  But I have an attraction to colors like a five year old kid.  If I like a green shirt that is visible to even the blind and a pair of toxic orange legwarmers, there’s absolutely no reason why they should not be worn together.  With a knit red hat.  And black shorts.  And my barefoot runners...."

  • Where are we  looking?
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    I can't see the woman JB describes, but I sometimes run in cropped top and shorts in hot weather.

    I don't care about colour co-ordination - it's functional rather than fashionable.  And is only going to get soaked in sweat.

  • I have seen here now.  On one of the adverts.

    Do not care what she looks like as I would not say no.

  • She looks fine to me.

    Shorts could be shorter as those shorts are going to ride up at speed.

    Split shorts all the way I say. Anything more than a 2" seam is for the beach.

    As far as I am concerned the look, as apposed to the performance, of running gear peaked around 1977 down hill on the way since then.

    I mean look at that!


    This Steve Prefontaine by the way;


     Really have to get me some running vests for the summer. This mornings run was in my lime green Nike Dri-Fits

    Chased down the number 43 all the way down the Holloway road.

    Yes I beat it of course got a thumbs up from a guy on the top deck.

  • Why is the bloke wearing a bra?  That is just so wrong.

  • Stephen.surely the fastest way to an injury to let your ego dictate your pace on a training session rather than your plan or listening to your body...... image

    I would love to wear a crop top but unfortunately my figure does not suit itself to one
  • She looked absolutely fine to me. Can't say I really noticed what she was wearing.. 
  •  seren nos

    Fortune favours the brave.

    Too often I hear runners say "oh I could have pushed harder but couldnt be bothered"

    F**k that!

    Your running plan should always include an element of the  " faster, harder"

    To the next lamp post,  to the tramp,  to the bus stop, up that hill...

    I have found its helped me in races, if your going to beat me your going to have to 

    be bothered because I am.

    Good fortune

  • I just had visions of the bus suddenly taken off at 40 mph and you sprinting after it .a bit like Thomas the tank engine and bertie the bus having a race image

    chesher cat.........in triathlon you are not allowed to show your nipples at any time or you will be disqualified.....so some men in hot weather will wear a crop top to keep cool but still sticking to the rules.............and yes I agree it does seem wrong..........and to have any chance of getting away with it you need to be super fit looking and finish in the top 3
  • Well, that's triathlonising out then.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've not seen this lady in question.. is there a picture online?

  • Right. Off to Agent Provocateur to by some tassled nipple pasties for the summer.
    I heard if I can get them to twirl in opposite directions it's an indication of perfect running form.
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    My question is how does Ian M know what nipple pasties are?  image

  • I'm not saying nuffink image
  •  Seren Nos

    No bus in London has done 40 mph in traffic since 1977 and that was in an episode of the Sweeney!

    Really you cant show your nipples?!

    Who in gods name is going to be offended, tittilated or other wise aroused by the sight of nipples in a tri?

    Though I suppose their job is to think like "joe public" who might be all twisted out of shape by such things.

  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    It's OK, we understand.

    You were young and you needed the money!

  • Is this the lady in question?

    [img<!-- End ad tag --> 

  • Oh.  That didn't work.  Let me tri another way:


  • Her waistline is very strange. I can't work out if RW have airbrushed out a muffin top or actually made her look bigger?
  • I think that is the oxymoronic result of the classic 'photo suck-in' whilst appearing to present oneself running at speed through a historic woodland...
  • With shorts like that perhaps it should be called Wedgebury Forest
  • I just googled the event.
    £30 for a 10K!!!!???

    Looks like I'll have to scrap my plans for Agent Provocateur and wander down Anne Summers.
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    that is a bit steep I did a 20 mile race last sunday pre-entry fee was £11
  • RW rip off.
  • She seems to have very big hands or is that RW playing about resizing?
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