Bullock Smithy Hike

This looks like an interesting event, but is it actually open to/suitable for ultra runners?


  • Ben - yes you can certainly run it, I work with a guy who has run it twice, he says its a cracking event well organised..
  • I might be tempted then. 
  • morticiamorticia ✭✭✭

    Oooooh Bullock Smithy Hike! It is indeed suitable for ultra runners and there is keen competition every year between the Stockport and Macc Harriers. 

    If you have any questions Ben I suggest you ask on the Wanna Blista thread in Clubhouse. Nexus Icon who goes on there is the course record holder and there are lots of BS fans on there. I am a slow person though, and DNFed when I had a go at it (but I didn't really train though image) so I am not an expert!
  • In fact it is back in the RunFurther champs for this year.  It will make September a tough month for anyone going for the Grand Slam with an Itinerery like this:

      1 Sept Bullock Smithy

     15 Sept High Peak 40

      29 Sept Hardmoors 60

     Personally I will probably be doing just the High Peak 40, although I do love that bit of Yorkshire coast that the Hardmoors goes along......

  • Damn it Roger, I would love to do all those races!

    Being realistic, I will probably drop the High Peak 40, since it is in the middle and I have done it before anyway. 

  • BD- I am one of the said Stockport runners (Morticia mentioned) who now hold the current course record.

    Team and indivdual

    I cannot speak highly enough of this event, it's simply brilliant, I've ran it for the last 6 years but unfortunatly can't do it this year due to my nephew getting married on the same day.

    As a group we have recced it to death there isn't a short cut we don't know but there is a few sections where some of us have still took a wrong turn

    If you want any info about this event I'll gladly help out.

  • morticiamorticia ✭✭✭
    Sorry Jonah I didn't realize there was a team course record.  Please don't hold it against me and move Disley further down your Infinity list! image
  • Mort - That's it, further down the pecking orderimage
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