I have a trainer problem

What do I do? I have one week left now until Barcelona marathon and my best shoes have decided to kick up a fuss!

Vivobarefoot Ultra
Done all my long runs up to 20 miles in these. Been brilliant, but
Last two weeks I've started getting blisters. I have two pairs. Old one and new one. Both the same. Whether it's the socks or not, who knows.
After 20 miles, the non cushioning gets a bit tough under my feet as well so balls of my feet hurt a bit. I could cope with this if it wasnt for the blisters.

Used to run up to HM distance in these last summer but because I havent worn these during winter months, I used them for a shorter run and my calves felt it. They are similar to ultras as in no cushion but obviously its looking like they are more minimal than I thought.

Nike Frees
Used to use these few months ago for most of my runs but havent for the past months. No issues with these really, but since I havent run in these not sure if I could take the risk

Nike Pegaus Trail
My newest addition. Done some running in these, not really high mileage though. They are trail shoes so I'm not sure they are the best option for a City Marathon. Max distance done in these would be about 7 miles.

Asics Gel Torana
Another Trail shoe. Done up to 16 miles in these but again, long ago. Not really worn these since the snow in January. They are quite heavy on my feet too.

Got to make my mind up pretty quick. Gutted about my ultras though. I can't understand why after all this time they've started giving me blisters... and I'm not talking about little ones.. I mean massive on my big toes the whole skin then peeling off exposing raw flesh!


  • The blisters could be that you're subconsciously moving to land further forward on your feet. Not necessarily a bad thing, and I suspect they'll clear up shortly, although that's no help for your marathon.

    Don't know how you feel about carrying some extra weight, but I think I'd go for the Nike Frees and keep your VFFs folded over in a bag. If the Nikes give you trouble after 12 miles, then you'd only have 14 to do in your Vibrams (mind you, you'd be left carrying the heavier Nikes, which wouldn't be much fun).
  • Hmm that's not a bad idea to be fair. But I could do it with ultras and vibrams as they are both light. Wasn't planning on carrying anything this time though. Usually have my camelback but I wanted to leave it out as well

    I have 10 miler on Sunday so I guess I could run it in my frees and if they seem ok I might just risk it...

    Any of these options are not really Appealing though image
  • Not sure, really, except to say "no" to the trail shoes. I did 20 miles last weekend (bit of trail, mostly pavement) in a pair of trail shoes (asics trabuco) and the balls of my feet were screaming at me from mile 14 onward. Plus, I got a couple of fresh, though minor, blisters.

    Have you considered double socks, or a bit of extra padding where you're blistering?

  • double socks in a pair vibrams??? How's that going to work? I ask merely for imformation
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