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Afternoon all

Just thought I'd share my marathon blog. I'm running the marathon for Mind but don't worry, not asking for your money! Just trying to raise awareness and generally enjoy writing about running and the build up to my first marathon!

Although writing about mental health issues, it's still not the most serious of blogs! Do check it out if you have a spare few minutes though.

I haven't found many good running blogs myself (not that mine is!). Anyone got any favourites??


  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    my fav marathon is Chester as the support you get on route is fab supporters shouting out your name as they are on race number can not fault this one
  • Thanks to all who've taken a look, the blog stats are better than I expected which makes it feel more worthwhile. Training and fundraising still going well.

    Blog week 5 up now, and probably week 6 soon (I was a bit behind!).

    Thanks again.

  • I have really enjoyed reading your blog so far, it's made me laugh. As some old bloke on a bike said to me when I was on my long run on Sunday, 'Keep it oop!' (I live in Yorkshire - he meant 'up').
  • Thanks to all those who've taken a look at my blog. If anyone is bored on a friday afternoon week 7 is up now!

    Definitely the toughest week of training so far, but I suppose it's meant to be!!

    Hope training is going well for everyone else.
  • Its amazing what you come across on the internet! I am preparing for my first marathon later in the year and was just looking for tips really! And then I came across your blog and started reading and I could not believe how much it related to me! I have suffered with depression for about 7 years and in previous years paranoia (although I have never been diagnosed) I am 23 and finally trying to find my feet, searching for new goals, and just wanted you to know how good your blog was for me personally! I have never really been a runner (although I’ve always been a sports fanatic) until about 6 weeks ago the furthest distance I had ever run was about 10k on the treadmill, but I feel like what I’ve been through and coming through it (although I still have bad days) gives me incredible mental toughness and I have an incredible determination, my goal is to complete a marathon in less than 4:05 hours and I believe I will do it, I just wanted you to know how amazing I think the cause is your running for and wanted to thank you for inspiring me through your blog! I have only just come across it so have been reading all the weeks and I seem to have had all the same troubles as you, so its put a smile to my face!

    P.S - I listen to music that inspires me and it definitely has the salasse effect!
    I’ve had bad knee problems so hopefully the workouts will help me too!!
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