A question about weeing!

Ok, surely I am not the only one who wonders about whether she will need a wee during my first marathon? i have a target time of under 4 hours and dont want to have to stop and queue for the loo half way around. What is normal. if I get nutrition/hydration correct might I get away with not going or is it inevitable and therefore I should factor this in! I know Paula Radcliff just stopped and went do many people do this? Hey if it's good enough for Paula..... Thoughts very much appreciated!


  • What is normal is that people drink loads of water right up to the start and want to go to the toilet not long after.

    What is right is to be well hydrated but stop drinking two hours before the start. You can then have a small drink just before the start and drink during the race.
  • Sussex Runner (NLR) wrote (see)
     What is right is to be well hydrated but stop drinking two hours before the start. You can then have a small drink just before the start and drink during the race.
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    If you find the need to go, most pubs on the route are open or any cafe will let you nip inside and use the facilities.
    On my first London Marathon many years ago, I dashed into the McDonalds at about 16-17 miles and used the loos no questions asked also no queue either.
  • my first marathon was not london and I was able to nip in some bushes en-route.I also used the toilet ( a porta loo) at 8 miles at london marathon last year and there was no queue
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    I agree with Helen.  Just after 8 miles the route goes through an industrial estate, where there are few spectators but plenty of portaloos and loads of bushes!  The men use the bushes leaving the cubicles for the ladies.  This is the prinicipal toilet stop of the race, so plan ahead!

  • Thank you for your replies. I'm not actually running London but instead Milton Keynes so hopefully there will be a few more discreet spots!
  • If youre on for a pb you could just go as you run. That's acceptable. Just don't expect hugs afterwards ok ?
  • Do it in your pants ! It will make the war stories more interesting.
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    I've got a bladder the size of a pea! However, I never need to go in a marathon. As others have said, ensure you're well hydrated before the race, stop drinking in enough time to allow your last drink to move through your system, and you should be fine. You'll be sweating buckets and will probably be hard pushed to go for a good few hours after the race.
  • The most extreme example of alfresco widdling I've ever seen was the man at the Paris marathon last year who got his, er, apparatus, out as he crossed the start line and proceeded to water the tarmac as he went along. I don't know if it was a territory marking thing, but it certainly had the people around him leaping out of the way. Guys - please don't do this image .
  • When in france do as the French do
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    The provision of toilets at the start of the Paris Marathon is pretty woeful.  I was one of many people making the gutter on the Champs Elysees slightly wetter just before kick-off.  I didn't spray anyone though.


  • IT doesn't matter how hydrated, (or dehydrated) you are, or how many times you queue for the loos before the start, you will always feel like you need a pee just after the start- nerves?/ sudden increase in activity? - dunno, but even if you don't stop and find a loo, the feeling seems to wear off after a while. I've   thought I had to pee at about mile 2 or 3 everytime, but it's just psychological, I think!

    Most mid- sized marathons have reasonable portaloo provision around the course, you'll be fine- check the race info!

  • If you're worried about embarrassing yourself with a mid race leak (accidental or intentional) you could try running with tena lady or another suitable brand. Sanitary towels etc are too bulky
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