Knee problems

Hi there,

 I'm looking for some advice. I'm running my first London Marathon this year. I have completed a half in October and have just done the Adidas half at Silverstone. A couple of weeks ago I went to get new running shoes, figuring that mine were the wrong size and damaging my toes. I was told at a running shop that I over pronate and was recommended some supportive shoes (Asics 2170). They felt fine and were good for short runs. Since I have begun long runs in them I have had pain on the outside of my knee extending to my groin and after Silverstone the arch of my foot felt sore. I guess that maybe my knee has grown used to however my feet normally hit the ground and the support has changed that angle. I know that these shoes will probably be better for my knees in the long run, but I can't train for the VLM properly if I'm in pain. Am I better to go back to unsupportive trainers for this event, and then slowly condition myself to supportive shoes from then on, or should I stick with the new shoes?? Having just spent £100 I can't really afford on them I'd like to wear them for more than a couple of weeks but really don't know what is best!


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