I am currently injured, however this hasn't stopped me from planning a new strategy once I can run again!

When I was 16 a did a couple of orienteering events with my school and can remember running around woodland and fields - far more enjoyable than pounding roads.

I was therefore wondering whether anybody knew how I could get into orienteering. I live in Kent and would be happy to travel to events.

Any ideas?


  • Hi SG,
    As the trirathon season is now finished I wanted to try a new event and discovered a web site www.britishorienteering.org.uk.. There seems to be lots of events in the SE and seem to be cheap. Let me know if you find any events in Surrey.
  • Thanks Tri,

    I have had a quick look and it all looks a bit scary!!

    There are clubs all across the South East - though not sure if I want to join a club or do the odd one now and again - I am sure this is a possibility.

    I suppose I should dig my compass out of the back of the cupboard and start practicing so once I can run again I will be ready to go..

    Seeing as though your are a triathlon expert - are there any good websites for this? Anything to break the montonony of just running, but getting really fit has to be good.


  • SG and Tri,
    I go orienteering whenever I can! The season will be starting soon.
    The best way of getting into it is to simply turn up at an event and go to the control tent. They will be very pleased to see you and will help you get started.
    If you can find a Try O event these are designed for 'beginners'.
    You don't need much kit really; just a compass and a pen (for the map). I would wear something to cover your legs as it can be a bit rough in places.

    If you need any help finding an event near you then please let me know.
    Try it and I think that you will enjoy it.
  • SG
    Wouldn't call myself an expert, but the 'best' triathlon site is www.triathletes-uk.org
    this has a listing of all the top triathlon sites on the www, and all bta sanctioned triathlon clubs in the uk, and there are loads, upto date "For Sale" section, etc etc
  • I orienteer with work occasionally, and it is an absolutely brilliant laugh. I've raced in Delamere Forest in Cheshire for example, and haring along the tracks, up and down the gullies and platforms etc. in search of the elusive checkpoints is really good fun and certainly a bit different than going for a tarmac session.

    The only bit of advice I'd give, apart from what's already been said, is make sure your map-reading is up to scratch. It sounds obvious, but the better your map-reading is, the quicker you'll be. Have fun!
  • Orienteering is brilliant fun! Did my first event too many years ago to count. Besides map-reading skills and compass work, it's a big help to know how far it is from one place to another. I bet today's O-fans use a pedometer, but when I began, we measured a flat 100 metres and then counted how many double running paces we took, i.e. each time the same foot hits the ground you count 1 pace. For me it was 45, that translates to 1cm on a 1 to 10000 map,for a 1 in 20 scale it's 90 paces, and so on. Therefore, if I have a 1 in 20,000 scale map and it's 3cm from where I am to the next major feature, then I have to count to 180 and will be where I expect to be on the map. Oh and if the ground is tricky or very detailed and you need to walk, switch to triple-pace counting, gives the same good result in getting you where you want to be.
    Not very scientific but it works, especially if you're covering very detailed ground - it's easy to lose yourself if you're vaguely guestimating distance!
    If you're a traveller - there's also some really great multiple day O-races in places like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Switzerland in the summer.
    Have fun!
  • Thanks for all the advice - you may well see me rummaging through some bushes looking for a check point in the next few months!!!!!

    Happy map reading

  • Might be of some use for you SG:
    British Orienteering Website

    I do quite a lot of Orienteering around the country. Its a great sport. My Girlfriend races for Great Britain.
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