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  • Bu&&er! they now say that there are buses on part of my journey to London so it will take longer than usual image
  • Oh what fun B.  I'm driving as its the cheapest way, and also the most practical method of getting all the stuff there.

    While I've been away for the weekend, Hubby has made me a Number 3 sign.  I hope you don't mind B, but we can use your balloon too to make us even more visible.  When I can find the camera and get it working I will post a picture of what to look for.

  • The more signs and stuff the better Caz image

    I am looking to see if I can come up on a different line, will mean drivimg part way though so no drinking ...
  • I am staying in canary wharf so easy to get there thankfully
  • No drinking? image But that would ruin the fun. I thought it was mandatory for the supporters to be half cut before the elite men come past? image
  • You can drink early on B, then you will be sober enough to drive home by the time we have finished.
  • lol CC2 if we start that early we will be offering you a beer and a fag when you get to us image
  • There won't be many balloons either, as we will have inhaled all the helium!
  • Maybe not the elite men but I had to finish a bottle of proseco last time after the runners that left it with us had had their fill and left - couldn't let it go to waste now could I
  • Buses in first part of journey from Haywards Heath to Three Bridges then train from there to London Bridge thus making my journey longer. What a pain.
  • Runners drank Prosecco during the marathon? Fizzy wine? Ew.
  • LOL SG - that was Sweetest thing, Loon and I think tinkled pink
  • Don't get me wrong, I like a nice glass of Prosecco. While sat chilling on a summer's evening somewhere pretty. But *during* a marathon... I'll stick to Lucozade Sport!
  • The sign that Hubby has made for us.  It's huge so I hope you are all able to see it!

  • I managed to miss the entire RW cheer point last year, so I wouldn't count on me seeing it! Which side of the road are you? And precisely what mileage?
  • We will be on the right CC2 and usually just after the mile 17 water I think ... but someone else may know exactly I've not been for a while

    Speedy G that's the same line as me, I am in Eastbourne ... such a pain
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    SuperCaz wrote (see)
    The sign that Hubby has made for us.  It's huge so I hope you are all able to see it!

    Caz, most people paint around their hands...


  • /members/images/345938/Gallery/VLM_Forum.jpg

    Here's my probable race day kit. The camera timer caught me a bit unprepared!

    If weather is foul on sunday, may wear long sleeved top. Is this a good idea or will it be too hot?

  • Morning all image

    Tricky one Teckien as everyone is different, some people run in vest and shorts whatever the weather - I personally need a bit more than that! I would say definitely take something to stay warm at the start, you will be hanging around so some old jumper/top that can be chcuked when you start is good (lots of people wear stuff like that and it is collected up afterwards for recycling). Also take a black bin bag or two to keep the wind off, again would look silly at any other time, but lots will have them at the start and it can be chucked in one of the bins before you go in the pen. I have worn a wind top in races before and kept it on all race, in the mara you are likely to get warm and then may end up with it round your waist all race unless you can give it to someone yuou know during the race ... If you do take something long sleeved I would advise not to wear it under your vest as then it will be difficult to take off if you get too hot ...
  • Ratzer wrote (see)
    SuperCaz wrote (see)
    The sign that Hubby has made for us.  It's huge so I hope you are all able to see it!

    Caz, most people paint around their hands...


    I'd like to remind you that Hubby made this.  Mine are bigger and more pointy image
  • Thanks for the picture Teckien.  Personally I wouldn't wear a long sleeved top as you will warm up quickly.  The crowds keep any wind away so if you get hot it will be hard to cool down.  Personally I would be running in just the vest and without the white T-shirt as I find that the excitement/adrenaline makes me hotter in a race so I need one less layer than in a training run.  But as B says, it's personal preference.
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Fab sign.

    Can't believe it's less than a week. At what point am I officially allowed to start panicking?
    (I have been doing it unofficially for about a month)
    ... not really, no need to panic DL, the training is done, have an easy week and then put all the training to good use on Sunday, it will be fab, and you get to see us at mile 17 image
  • No need to panic at all, but you are allowed to get nervous and excited when you get your first glance at the start village.  Or in my case it was when the coach drove us under the TV cameras on the first mile of the course.
  • Guys,

    I don't have photos of the following people.  You don't have to provide one if you are camera shy, or you can PM one to me if you don't want it posted publically, but it does help us on the day to recognise you if we have some idea of what you look like.

    However, it is almost impossible for us to pick you out in the crowd so it is up to you to make yourself known to us.  We will be immediatly after the water station at Mile 17, on the right hand side.  You go through the quiet section of Docklands, where there are no supporters, so when you start seeing people again keep an eye out for us.  We are also on a slight uphill - the sort that you probably wouldn't notice normally but by mile 17 it feels steeper than it really is.

    Those without photos are:

    • Themp
    • SalF
    • Kate Collins
    • Felixa
    • Sloth
    • Iron Pugsley
    • Long Tall Sally
    • Angela McCleland
    • Davewood
    • Speedy G
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    A hill you say ????!!!!
  • Can someone confirm what time the start is?  Also, I assume that you are all starting at the same gun, although I appreciate that it might take some time to cross the start line.
  • It's about as steep as a drop kerb DL, but the wheelchair athletes really notice it.  You can see them all slow down.
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Start is 9.45 for us lot I believe.
    Teckien, will you be at the MacPasta Party in the Loose Cannon?
  • Hmmm, not sure whether to believe you SC image

    (That feels strange - calling someone else by my own name)

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