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  • ohh certainly WOOWWWWWWWWWWW image
  • Great photo KK, Love your hair image
  • Oh if we are doing Photos here is me image

    KK you don't look like a little boy now with longer hair image

  • Photos do help if we don't already kow you.  KK, everytime I see photos of you (not sure that we have actually met) you look different.

    In fact I don't think I have met any of my group before, other than B.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    KK's kitchen is thoroughly intriguing.  Are those boxing gloves up there?  Really not sure what you do with that silver thing.  And the cereals in plastic boxes on the fridge??  Do you run a B&B, KK?

    Oops, off topic.  Erm, I mean, good training today, everyone.  Well done!

    PS. Looking at the list, I've never met anyone - so supporters, please post your pics too!  I know it'll be easier because you'll be in one location, but for the day before at the Expo, and the drinks after.  Privacy be damned, but exceptions for people who don't like being stalked will be allowed.

  • I'm struggling to find a photo of me without a swimming hat


    OK, found one.  I will be waving yellow pom poms frantically and probably wearing a Pirate top.

  • Somebody had one of me at Mudchute last year, with my pom poms but I can't find it.
  • Dear fellow RW forumites - spectators and runners

    This is Mick speaking

    Some of you will no doubt know a lot about us , some may not

    So, to say -

    We as already stated hope to get to Mudchute to have a day of fun

    But my day will depend on Philip’s behaviour, as he is most content on the move, and not so much us being static

    He sadly does not give me much chance to socialise with anyone, he really craves my attention , Philip can be extremely demanding, he can do very little for himself, and he cannot talk he shreaks

    So, please if I appear to be ignoring anyone or not interested, I’m sorry, I’ll do my utmost best to be respectful and polite and sociable to you all , but my life is easier when he’s happy

    I myself would so much rather be running, and its only due to London marathon bosses that we are not

    So, my apologies are given up front,

    I do hope you all have a fabulas day

    If there’s is anything you’d like to know from me, then please feel free to ask, online here or on the day, and I’ll do my best to accommodate you

    Best wishes always


  • KK

    that is a big question, one i will not know the answer to until the time

  • There's a few people that we haven't heard from yet.  Can you introduce yourselves please?
  • yes Caz

    super photo BTW

  • That is me looking extremely nervous about 45 min before leaving to do the English Channel 6 person relay.  At that point nobody else from my team had turned up, although everyone was present from the other two teams.

    I don't normally have a cheshire cat grin like that

  • Nice pic Caz ... I don't do pics, not sure I have any at all ... shame image
  • B doesn't look that much different to her avatar, except the hair is a differnet colour and she has two eyes.
  • the two time I have met B she was so wapped up against the cold I could only see her eyesimage
  • so, B is  a she

    i dont really know who is who

  • Yes, until you meet people it can be confusing.
  • Name: Karen
    Number: don't know yet
    Time: before dark or before everyone goes home - I joke not image
    Wearing: not sure yet but thinking about getting my tee shirt printed on the front to say 'Am I there yet' will let you know if I do.

    Seriously I may not make the start and if I do I doubt I will make mile 17 far less the finish so if this is the case would I be able to get someone's mobile number so I could text to let you know so no one is waiting needlessly ? Feel free supporters to PM me with it and I will let you know why I am saying this.
  • Just found running number on my acceptance form

  • Morning image
    It is odd when someone you assumed was male turns out to be femaleor vice versa! image I definitely have two eyes, they are shortsighted tho, so I wear specs and have dark hair ...
  • Helloo! Thank you so much for allowing me into your group image

    • Forum name: Fizzipop
    • Name: P-T
    • Race number: TBA
    • Mile 17: Errrrm, this is my first, so no idea. Maybe around the 3hr mark?
    • Wearing: A green Macmillan vest with (hopefully) "P-T" on the front and back. Haven't decided anything below the waist yet, except for my brilliant neon yellow shoes!
    • Special needs: An instant teleporter beam to the finish? Otherwise, I'm good!

    I have no photos of myself in my planned racegear, but I did find a rather unattractive photo of me from two years ago, at my first (and only) half marathon!

  • Welcome Fizzipop image
    Both feet off the ground image
  • Hi B

    Lady B image

    sorry , just didnt know what u was

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