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  • Speedy G, I've sent you a PM.  If anyone else wants my mobile number then PM me.  Also if anyone doesn't want to put their details on a public forum then you can PM them to me.
  • *waves to Mick* image

    Caz seems to have everything organised image
  • good old caz

    i only wish i did

    * waves back at B * MWAH

  • Well it's good distraction therapy B image
  • I can understand that Caz, but do let me know if I need to do something other than natter on the forum image

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  • Not sure there's much else to do until the week before B.

    I'm making cake for the supporters.  Any preference to flavour B and Madge?

    Exciting KK!  I don't suppose you can tell me what times the various starts are?  The official web site doesn't appear to have them, helpfully.

  • Afternoon

    I should be downt eh day before now as I have somewhere to crash - I will soprt a picture out once I have done my roots -not that it is much of an improvement

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Evening all

    Marathon magazine arrived today - how jolly exciting - blue start for me - with the elites. Well not 'with' exactly - fenced off and hidden from view - with a few thousand people separating us.

    Did enjoy the comment some pages back about the difference between 'training' outfit and 'racing' outfit because of the effort levels involved. I have only have the one pace/effort - super slow/nuclear fusion red and sweaty feeling I'm about to die. I know I'll only really need vest and shorts but I'm worried about being a tad chilly at the beginning and at mile 23 - 5 hours in when my leg falls off and I'm staggering slowly to the light at the end of the tunnel..... can you tell I'm feeling supremely confident!?

    Will look through some recent 'race' photos and try and find one that hasn't got 'copyright' stamped all over my face to give you an idea of what I look like. The only person I managed to 'spot' when I was supporting at mile 17 last year was Rob who was dressed as a giant nurse - everyone else just threw themselves at us in a sweaty heap
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Ooh, will my magazine be waiting at home when I get there tomorrow?

    Difference between training outfit and racing outfit?
    Men - training outfit shows off everything as tightly as possible, racing outfit is purely practical.
    Women - training outfit is purely practical for getting lost on Snowdon in winter, racing outfit shows off everything as tightly as possible.

    I haven't done London before.  The cold bit before the start, how long do you wait, and how do you keep warm?  Bin bags and rip them off when the gun goes?  I can make a great shell-suit out of bin bags.  They sell a version of it at my local Primarni...

  • my magazine Blue start Not sure if its worth saying my number but here it is anyway

    No.14073 image

    ok what are the red laces for ?

    ohh its only a month away image can't wait

  • Got my magazine today too, very exciting image

    My number is 221 - I put it down wrong on my earlier post.

  • So how is everybody's training going?  Have you all done your longest runs or are they this weekend?
  • Next weekend for me Supercaz. It will be a time on feet run of indeterminate length!
  • That sounds like my kinda run SG.  I prefer it if I don't know how far I am going but going out for a fixed amount of time makes it easier to plan your day around it.  Unfortunatly the only time I get to run like this is with the club, when someone else is dictating the run, and I have (temporarily) fallen out of love with my running club at the moment.
  • OK, let's get this out in the open.  I am in the process of separating from my husband.  Very early days and it's not public knowledge yet except on here.  Hubby resigned from running club in September due to health issues.  If I go to the club then everyone asks after him.  I'm not ready to tell them that I have no idea how he is doing as although we live in the same house, we haven't properly talked for a month.

    It also makes me angry that since he anounced his illness, not one of his running 'friends' has bothered to get in contact with him and ask whether he is OK.  He was group leader for three runs a week, membership secretary and also on the committee.  Everyone begged him to stay on when he chose to leave, and he won the Chairmans award at Christmas for greatest contribution to the club. He also used to meet a lot of them socially. You would have thought that someone would have made the effort to check on him.

  • Blimey, you would. I'd find a different running club if I were you, it sounds like that one will always be awkward in future.
  • Well once we are properly separated I will be relocating across the country so I will certainly be joining a different club.  But until then I have lots of friends there who I would like to be able to run with, so I need to man up and get over it.
  • I hope it goes well for you SuperCaz.

    Some folks earlier were worried about being cold at the start. You do have to hang around for quite a long time so it's best to take something you can throw away to keep you warm. Raid your wardrobe for old clothes (I've used old pyjamas, jumpers, T-shirts, tracksuits...). You can cut slits in the legs of trackie bottoms to make them easier to get off over your trainers, and enlarge the neck of a T-shirt or jumper to make it easier to get over your head at speed. If you don't have any old clothes do your bit for charity and pick something up in your local charity shop. Foil blankets from previous races are also good, or you can buy them for about £1 in Tesco. If it's raining you could consider a rain poncho (also about £1 in Tesco) or just a bin bag with a hole cut out for your head. Charity runners will probably be given something similar by their charity. I'm contemplating getting a cheapo umbrella too, having been drowned in a downpour one year. Oh, and gloves. I get the 2 for a quid ones in Primark.
  • Personally I think it is more important to keep the rain off than to worry about the cold.  You are going to be packed in like sardines so there will be plenty of body heat, but if you get wet early on then you can get chilled, so a bin bag is ideal.

    If you chose to discard clothes or bin bags at the start then please do so responsibly so that you don't take out any other runners.  At the start there is literally standing room only and you will not be able to see the road in front of you as you are pushed along by those further back, so any obstruction left on the road could literally break someones leg.  There is plenty of room along the side of the pens where you can leave stuff out of the way.

    Discarded clothes are collected afterwards and donated to charity so anything you leave won't go to waste.

  • Some good advice about keeping warm/ dry - I am a fan of bin bags image

  • And fellas, please don't pee in the pen! It's vile. I got splashed at the GNR last year. *Shudders*
    • Forum Name - Jordie
    • Real Name - Ian Jordan
    • Race Number - 18622
    • Mile 17 time - 4 hours
    • Wearing - Yellow Havens Vest or if cold maybe Red Benfleet Top
    • Special Needs - May drop off a bottle of Cherry Lucozade Sport at the Expo

  • SG is so right!  One year I was marshalling at the entrance to Pen 1 at the blue start.  These were the runners who were not elite or good for age, but who thought that they should be.  The amount of dicks that I saw that day (and that is not a reference to their characters) was enough to last me a lifetime.  The ground was covered with a layer of wee and I honestly didn't know where to look.
  • Tommygun2 wrote (see)

    ok what are the red laces for ?

    I think if you wear red laces Heart UK get a donation for each runner wearing them, I will have to look through the mag for more info

  • Thank you Jordie.  Your details are on the spreadsheet.  Look forward to seeing you.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Gulp!  Didn't even think about facilities whilst in the pens, and I'm the worst for holding anything in on race days!  image  I hear Pampers do some pretty large sizes.

    So, 6769 is the number.  Blue start, which I understand is the hugest.  It does say in the magazine that there are zones allocated on the basis of predicted finishing time.  Does anyone know when or on what basis these zones are allocated?  Does this happen at registration or was it already pre-done on the basis of times we suggested when entering?

    Caz, harsh.  I hope things will shortly be better.

  • Pens are in order your predicted finishing time (based on what you put on your entry form). You don't have to be in them till the last minute. I was in the loo at 9.40am last year and did have to do a bit of a sprint to get into the pen for 9.45, but I made it. I was on Green though, and that's teensy.
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