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  • The red start is the busiest one.  Blue is quite nice as it is ballot places and club runners so very few people in costumes and a lot of them understand how races work.

    You will find out your pen number when you get your race number at the expo.  It is the small number in the bottom corner, typically from 1-9.

    You don't have to get into your pens until quite close to the start. You can start in the pen that is designated to you, or any pen behind that.  So if you are assigned pen 4 but your friend who you want to run with is in pen 7 then you can both start in pen 7 together, but he cannot move forward to pen 4.  There are marshals at the entrance to each pen who will help you if you are unsure, and they will only let you into the correct one.  However, having done that role I can tell you that a heck of a lot of people try to take the piss and the mashals sometimes have to physically create a barrier to prevent people doing what they like.  By the time the race starts they have lost all sense of humour so please be kind to them.

    About 5 min before the start the tape seperating the pens is cut so that everyone is bunched up in one big long line.

    And don't forget that it is chip timed, so if you do miss the start then you can join in at the back and not be penalised for a late start.

  • Was hoping for red start as I prefered it having been on blue and red it the past but got the blue start.

    Not decided what I will be wearing yet.
  • Just ordered new brooks adrenaline's in line. Should come next week so plenty time to break in.
  • what the naughty pen
  • Good work kk!
  • 10 painfully slow miles shuffled. Temp here in Fife is 18c today so it was too hot. I prefer it a but colder to shuffle but I bet folks will be out sitting in gardens enjoying this unusual March weather.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Did my only concession to the predominant paradigm of long running today, 3 hours and 5 mins.  I've done quite a few 18 milers but I'm not completely in agreement with the whole 100m in your last 5 runs, or getting up to 23 miles and that kind of thing.  I'd rather be up and running again tomorrow than sat on the sofa nursing my legs and stuffing myself with porridge!

    Even at this early stage, and knowing that there'll be loads more questions to come, I'd like to say thank you to everyone who's already responded with great advice on here.  I'm feeling far more comfortable about something that I probably would have started getting very wound up about in a couple more weeks!

  • How was the 10k today KK? You super speedy?
  • Sounds pretty good with a sore calf, hope it heals fully soon
  • I did a 10k race too.  It wasn't pretty.  I haven't trained enough and I'm really struggling with the heat, after spending all winter trying to stay acclimitised to the cold.  Afterwards I went for a sea swim, which is much more my type of thing.
  • Sounds similar to my 10k a few weeks ago KK, I just wasn't prepared to rinse myself to get a better time. Today I did give it my best, and still failed to PB (at Wilmslow HM). Now I'm panicking that since I failed to PB at 10k or HM this year I'll have no hope of PB-ing the marathon. I usually PB every distance in the run up to the marathon.
  • 1.28.09 (compared to my PB of 1.27.33, also run at the same stage of marathon training).
  • Thanks KK, I hope so!
  • OK, I am going to send out PMs to those who haven't got in contact yet.  There aren't many of them, as you have all been so good at getting in contact promptly.  I think I am lucky to have a good bunch this year image
  • If anyone knows jshrew in the real world can they ask him to get in touch.  He has messaging blocked.
  • CC2 the cheers at Mudchute and Fetchpoint will make up that little bit of difference image image

  • Hello Neighbours ... popping in to borrow a glass of fizzy and remind you that you'll need a sign with your group number on it - either on poles or over the front of the barrier image
  • Thanks TP.  I've been keeping my eye out for something to make it from.  I feel a good rummage around the chops coming on as I have an urge to spend money, and if I am shopping for VLM then I won't be splashing out so much on me
  • I made mine by painting on a white pillow case one year.
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    kittenkat wrote (see)

    Ratzer, the atmosphere is fantastic and you will find what you need to cross that finish line. Promise!


    Cheers, KK.  I should mention that run was 21+ miles, so only 5 to find.  It's just going to be trying to fit them into the same time that might be more difficult!!

    D'ya know what, I've never even spectated the LM in any incarnation.  I think while I was studenting in London, once upon a time, it always fell in the Easter break, otherwise known as the revise-bloody-hard-there-are-exams-in-May break.  I am looking forward to a great day out, punctuated by gritting teeth and aching feet - but that's what a day out in London with the kids is usually like!

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I had a really bad dream last night.  I was setting off to the start line with loads of old school mates when I realised that I hadn't been to the Expo the day before so I didn't have a number!  Cue agonised decision making over what to do, run it unofficially, steal a number... when someone finally pointed out that they'd gone for me and got my number.  (Anything can happen in dreams.)  And back to dreamless slumber...


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