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  • Hi Angela.  I don't have you on my list?  Have you been allocated a group?  If not then you are welcome to join us, but I don't want another group to be looking for you if you are on their list.
  • DL, are you going to be in the same charity vest?
  • Hi SuperCaz,

    Yes, I think... is this group 3? I got an email from Sister Bad Habit with a link to here.

    It was some time ago, sorry for my slowness (been away for work). Maybe I was dropped from the list due to inactivity image

  • Ah, OK.  She didn't let me know.  Welcome, and you are on the Magic Spreadsheet now.  Look forward to seeing you at Mudchute.
  • Actually I take that back.  You were on the original list but somehow got missed off my spreadsheet.  Sorry, my mistake.
  • No worries. Those magic spreadsheets can be tricky things image
  • SC hello
    DL lol
    Hope everyone is well.
    Reading half for me this weekend then one more Long Run
  • Good luck at Reading Tiptoes! It's a great race I hear.

    Has everyone got another long run on for next weekend? Had my last one down for this week... but the training plan that Runner's World mailed out today has one more for next Sunday image.

    Am doing Forest of Dean Trail Half Marathon on Sunday. Should be good weather for running image
  • Angella, that probably depends on your definition of 'long', how many marathons you've run already, how fast you are.... This weekend is my last really long run. Next Sunday's is borderline long to my mind, but the last 6 will be at marathon pace so still a toughie I suppose.

  • Oh good, that makes sense, thanks! My first marathon (or any sort of distance run really), so it's all new and daunting.

    Had 14 miles for next weekend, which I guess for me is plenty long enough image
  • Good Day oh wonderous people, sorry its taken a time but been very busy training (not)

    Name: Dave Wood

    Wearing: Help 4 Heroes vest and running on Jelly legs lol

    Expected Mile 17: 22/03/2012

    Special needs: Oxygen, de-fib, major trauma re-suss, just the normal help

    Hope to have enough breath to at least say thanks for your support, but if not then THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

  • Hi Dave - you missed your predicted time out

    I will read up on my CPR skills just in case

  • Evening all.

    New shoes delivered but returned as too tight. Ordered another pair in next width up from another shop on Friday and said urgent. Kind man posted first class at no extra cost and they arrived this morning. Had their first outing this afternoon. Comfort image
  • Maddy, nice to hear from you and VERY grateful for CPR practice, predicted time for marathon is finishing on the same day that i started, if possible, lol 
  • Cheers A MC.
  • Morning group 3, enjoy your last long runs those who are doing them today image you are nearly there image
  • Afternoon

    As B said enjoy your last long runs most of teh hard work is over now

    Dave - I am a bit out of date but I am sure I will manage - what number are we looking out for

  • Last really long one in the bag, and such a lovely day for it too image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Last longish one done, though only about 17.  Really slow and comfortable.  A lovely day to be running along the sea front!  Almost went down to run on the sand!  But there's only ten yards of it between the mud and the sea wall...
  • Morning Group 3 image

    Build up to London seems to be going well, Paddock Wood Half Marathon yesterday and a shiny new PB by 7 mins. did it in 1hr45mins31 sec. So fingers crossed sub 4 might be on image

  • Fab weather again.  Did 20 miles ( or a little bit under ) in 3 hours 31 mins and a few secs.  Did a proper 20 mile race two weeks ago in Worthing in 32 mins and 8 secs, so probably about right.  need to explore the gel thins - only taking jelly babies and water at the moment.  Have been advised to try Hi 5s.  Any one had any probs with these?
  • Sally & anyone else

    yes it is about right, very nice done

    Exploring ther gels

    in my expereinced opinion

    it is getting too late to expereiment now

  • I was intending to run home from work on Weds - about 14 miles and thought I would try a couple then.  Bad idea?
  • Sally

    it really is up to you, but sometimes ( and i'm only saying sometimes ) they upset people ( as they do me ) and leave people sick and yukky

    now if ure are sick because of them and can recover in time for a 26 miler - ok

    best of luck

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    From what I recall when I tried High5 a week or so back it was fine, if a little runny.  Having said that I decided against it, so the taste must've been poor or something, and I'm going for the PowerBar Gels.

    I'm still experimenting with flavours, but happy already that the gels won't upset my stomach at mile 17/18.  I think you're going to find it very difficult to test out anything similar, as your long runs might have peaked already and you don't want to do another now just to test gels.  I would say there's nothing wrong with testing them on a shorter run, but you're not really going to know what would happen when you're already slightly dehydrated and lower on energy, with your stomach being a bit more picky.  If your stomach is pretty much made of iron, then don't worry!  Unfortunately, mine is, so I can't really comment on what would happen if you had a bad reaction to the nauseating flavour of some gels... image

    So we're all going to be running in snow tomorrow?  Can't wait!

  • Thanks for advice.  I've normally got a good stomach but have felt nauseous at around mile 18 - 20 in a couple of marathons - particularly Brighton last year when it was very hot.  A few people I've spoken to swear by gels and say they're brilliant.  But it's my fault for not trying them out sooner.  VLM will be my 6th and I've never managed under 5 hours - did 5 hours and 40 seconds in FLM 2009!
  • wishing you well for a super day

    had not realised youve done marathons - Sorry

    best wishes

  • DLDL ✭✭✭

    Evening all

    Sorry Supercaz - posted photo and didn't then reply to your request for info - I will be wearing a Help the hospices vest, and shorts. Only addition/change from the photo might be a bright pink jacket if the forecast ice age returns for marathon day.

    Last long run of 20 miles done and dusted yesterday - bit of a painful achilles/ankle so will be erring on the easy side from now on. Looking forward to a weekend soon where I'm not running for half a day!

    I have tried a whole load of gels and all seem fine until I get to the 20ish mark where I begin to feel a bit sick - obviously haven't managed to practice beyond that - just another joy of the unknown to look forward to!

  • yes, it is the journey into the unknown that is the big issue and wider problem

    20 miles and beyond is really where to expect the wall - for fatuige to set in

    whether it be tight muscles,

    breathing, tired legs and body,

    DE - hydration, were one has burnt all their body fluid etc , of course if one starts being sick on gels, 6 miles is a long way after 20 to come unstuck, especial;ly when opne is suddenly hot and bothered

    of course if one loses it meantally then that is where the big problems hits home  

  • After 90 minutes you will need to top up your carbs one way or another. The Lucozade they give you on the course will do fine, but I get rather sick of the taste of it after a while. I use High 5 gels. They're very runny, almost like a drink, so can be a tad messy, but they're really easy to swallow down and come in nice flavours. Apple is my favourite as it's tart rather than sweet. I find the Powerbar ones far too thick and difficult to get out of the packet, same with the horrible tasting Lucozade ones. The worst for me are SIS, which give me rather nasty stomach issues!

    There's still plenty time to experiment now. If you have a reaction it won't last more than a few hours.
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