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  • I agree with CC2-SG you will need something. I have only done 3 marathons but on those I preferred to take some SiS electrolyte drink with me to have during the first half of the race as well as SiS gels - but I'm not very speedy so don't mind carrying stuff. I have never had a problem with any gels, but I know some people really do struggle to find someing that suits them. I can't see any harm in trying some out on your runs to see what suits you. ok you can't replicate what your stomach will feel like after 20 miles, but I think some testing is better than none. If you only have water then you are likely to reach a point when your body has no fuel left and hit the dreaded wall.
  • Thanks for all the advice re gels.  I'm going to run home from work tomorrow - about 14 miles - and try some Hi 5 gels.  I did my last 20 miles on Sunday, so 14 miles tomorrow will be the last longest run before London.  I've only used jelly babies before and really want to crack that sub 5 hour goal.  I'm thinking that if they really disagree with me I'll know by tomorrow night!  But I'll have to wait and see whether they make me feel image after mile 20 on marathon day. 
  • Good luck with that LT Sally, hopefully if you don' t usually have problems with your stomach then you will be fine image
  • I haven't found anything that upsets my stomach, but I don't like the lucozade stuff, even though it's free!
  • Lucozade turns my stomach.  SIS products work well for me.  I didn't like the texture of High 5.

    Long Tall Sally, we must have crossed the finish line at a similar time in 2009.  I finished in 5 hours 25 seconds!

    Thanks for all the info everybody.

    Dave Wood,  will Dan and Sam be running with you are should I bee looking out for them separatly?

    Now I only beed to hear from jshrew.  If anyone sees them around can you point them in my direction.  They have messaging blocked so I can't get in contact at all.

  • Hi guys - supercaz, many thanks for the kind invite to join group 3. Obviously it's not about being the best but this feels like the best support group already.
  • Of course we are the best! *looks offended at the thought that it could be otherwise*
  • IP, When you get a sec can you let me know your RL name, race number, estimated time at mile 17 (or finish time and I can work it out), what you will be wearing and any special needs you want us to have ready for you.

    A picture is also nice as I don't think we have met before.

    You can send me the info in a PM if you don't want it posted publically

  • Do I need to catch up on anything from the support group chat so far?
  • The real essential is to make sure that you know where we are going to be so that you don't miss us.

    Also, if you want us to have anything in particular waiting for you at mile 17 then you can leave it at the RW stand at expo when you register.  Label it with your name and Support Group 3 and we will make sure that it is there.  We will have stock items such as jelly babies, jaffa cakes, vasaline, ibuprofen, compeed etc, but if you want us to have a specific sports drink (for example) then you will need to provide it.

    It isn't compulsory but if you would like to leave a monetary contribution towards the stock items then that would be appreciated.  It is easier for us to buy the stock items on the day than for us to carry several bags of jelly babies that have all been donated by runners, for example.  I am only just beginning to appreciate how much stuff we need to get across London on public transport!

  • Cheers. I would love to make a donation - the support will be priceless. I will likely drop some powerbar gels at the expo.

    Although after fighting off the manflu and managing only 7 weeks training it seems my 1 year old has just brought me a new strain of Ebola back from nursery!
  • That's what children are good at.  Is this your first marathon?
  • Nope. I have done Rome, did regensburg IM last year. So technically third but I don't think I will count last years limp as a marathon.
  • If you got the to end then it is still a marathon.  You'll be an expert then and can help when others who are less experienced ask questions.
  • Happy to help if I can. Thanks for having me.
  • Were you following the 11 minute mile pacer in 2009 Supercaz?  I was but lost him around mile 20.  I intend to run with the 11 minute mile pace group this time too, so look out for me.  I should still be with him at mile 17 image
  • I seemed to run most of the way with Super Women and the Chicken and the Egg.  At least that was what was being shouted by all the spectators but they were behind me so I didn't see them.  I would have started slower than the 11 m/m pacer as I was aiming on doing between 11 and 11:30 all the way round.
  • You must have been ahead of us then Caz because our splits in the first part of the race were 11 30, 11 40 - the pacer said this was because of the crowds.

    Ran home from work last night - 14 miles - and tried High 5 gels.  Didn't like them.  No side effects or anything but it's made up my mind that I should stick to jelly babies and lucozade sport.  No long runs left now - just 8 miles on Saturday and then a few 3 and 5 mile runs.  I eat 2 doughnuts yesterday - is it too early to carb load? image

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Doughnuts are very nutritious - don't they count towards your 5 portions of fruit and veg???? I hope so, I bought a box of mini chocolate ones which I've been chomping through - and I don't really like doughnuts - must be something about all this running.

    Having decided on vest and shorts for my marathon début the weather had better get warmer again!

    Ignorant question here please - do they have pacers starting in each of the starts - blue, red, green - or do you just have to hope to catch up with them at some point?
  • Pacers will be at each of the starts DL.  They have a stand at the Expo and can tell you all about the service.  Chocolate doughnuts?  Yum.
  • Chocolate doughnuts?  Not for me.  I like my chocolate uncontaminated thank you.  I've just snaffled a whole bar of Dairy Milk, but in my defence I did swim 8.2k this morning so needed the energy.
  • 8.2k caz?? I can't believe that no-one has commented on that swim! Serious black line fever after that I'm sure.
  • haha IP we did comment on other threads! It is an awesome distance! image
  • Aw shame we won't be seeing you KK, but good news you are not injured and can do it next year instead
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    KK, big shame about that.  Hopefully I can get GFA and will catch up with you next year!  Although...  I'm sure I said somewhere that I'm never running a marathon again.  Okay, hopefully I won't get GFA.  Anyway, as B says, good news you're not injured.

    When you said whole bar, Caz, did you mean family sized like I would...?

  • Sorry to hear that KK.  Are you going to pop along and join us supporting instead?

    Ratzer, a whole bar is one of those 220g bars.  Sometimes I go for the slightly smaller 180g ones if they are on special offer.

    I've decided to pull out of my marathon too.  I've not put the training in and although I could get round I don't think I would enjoy it.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    I think I'd never race if I thought I had to be fully, properly and carefully trained before I could...  But then I know the odd runners who seem to be permanently in base training.

    So, what is everyone doing for their LR this weekend?  Anyone testing out chocolate egg as a gel replacement?

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