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  • Ratzer, I imagine eating a Creme Egg while running might prove to be a tad difficult! 18 miles for me with the last 6.2 at marathon pace.
  • Good running CC2 image

    I was given a creme egg for volunteering at parkrun this morning ... I did wait until after my run to eat it though, I agree they are not ideal runing fuel ... nice though! image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    15.5 for me all slow.  Just about to have my chocolate reward... image
  • Well earned Ratzer image
  • I very much enjoyed my 18 miler with the last 10k @ MP. I got to spend that last 10k playing sergeant major and bullying a friend round to a PB image No chocolate for me though, I'm dairy intolerant. I have had a rather nice homemade dairy free hot cross bun though. And a large amount of roast turkey with half a plateful of chips (and four sprigs of broccoli for good measure).
  • Good to see you are getting the superfoods in CC2 ... by that I mean the chips obviously image
    Actually we treated ourselves to take out fish and chips last night, it was bloomin' lovely!
  • Today I have mostly been eating cake.
  • Hi everyone just discovered this today ,think it;s a great idea                                         

                name.    Cliff

             number.   30569     

            wearing.    black shorts black vest with CLIFF on it .

            request.    big smile, big shout, and an energy gel please

                 time.    hoping to hit 17miles  around the 2 hour mark


                    See you at the expo thanks all !

  • Thanks themp.  Can you leave the gel at the RW stand at Expo, with it labelled with your name and Support Group 3, so that we know it is yours.  I could supply you with a gel but it would probably be the wrong brand for you.

            Yes Caz no prob and thanks again image

  • Sorry to hear about those deferring. I'm massively undertrained for this marathon, which was always going to be the case but I've had a virus for the past week and haven't run since my last long run Saturday a week ago. Overall, I've done most of my long runs but very few of the shorter mid week ones, but as I deferred last year I have to do this one to I lose my place. I'm hoping to get out for a short run tomorrow to see how things go.

    Best of luck to everyone for the last 2 weeks!
  • Bugger only 2 weeks - I can do the expo run if Caz and B want to meet up I am down early Saturday now

    Good luck everyone and try not to panic about last minute niggles - taper madness 

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    12 miles yesterday and not a creme egg in sight. Looking forward to a week of shorter runs - let laziness rule image
  • I'm busy Saturday morning, but could meet up in the afternoon
  • I won't be up there on saturday, will travel early Sunday (well as early as the Sunday train service allows!)
  • Just checking through my spreadsheet and I am missing the following info.  You might have supplied it already and I have simply missed it, or somehow messed it up so apologies if I am asking you again.

    Fizzipop and DL - your race numbers please

    Davewood - You race number and estimated time at mile 17.  Also whether Dan and Sam will be with you, or whether we need to look out for them separately.  If the latter then please can we have their details too.

    Speedy G - What you are wearing and any special needs

    Iron Pudsley and Jshrew - real name, race number, estimated time at mile 17, what you are wearing and whether you need any special needs.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    Maddy. wrote (see)

    Bugger only 2 weeks

    This taper madness is hitting me already, and I've only dropped about 20 miles out of the week equivalent so far!

    Spectators' question.  Is it better to stay in one place, such as just North of Mudchute where the runners go by two or three times, or attempt to travel from place to place stopping at three or four points?  How is the travel on the day?  (Not looking for a specific route here - I'm looking to earn that GFA! image)  Also, how early should you get to the busier points to be certain of a good view, or is it possible to get in anywhere (between 1 and 25 miles) at any time?

  • Get there early if you want a spot anywhere along the second half of the route. In the past I have seen my runner to the start then walked across to somewhere along the stretch south of the river, but avoiding the bit where the Cutty Sark is as that is always packed.

    Once most of the runners have gone past they reopen the foot bridge so you can walk across to the Isle of Dogs and see them again around the Mudchute area.  After that is is pot luck.  The tube stations are often closed so it is worth knowing where the stations are that are not on the circle/district line and using them instead (for example, Charing Cross, Green Park etc).  The Embankment is several people deep, however if your runner is slow (finish time of about 5 hours or more) then the crowds will start to clear and you can get a good spot around mile 24-25.  Its not far from there to meet them at the finish.

    If your runner is fast then I suggest getting a spot early on and staying there.  I've known people to take an hour longer to get from start to finish on public transport then it has taken their runner to complete the race.

  • Supercaz - As requested

    Race no 10535
    Wearing blue make a wish t-shirt with Dougie on chest
    Time will be really unpredictable due to frail body but m17 somewhere between 3hr and 3h15
    I will bring some powerbar gels, cash and jelly babies to excel on fri.

    looking forward and thanking you all very much for the support.
  • Thanks IP!


    Dodgy photo of me in my Havens Hospice Vest to give you an  idea of who to look out for

    My special needs may now be half a banana and a slice of orange, as I think a bottle of Lucozade Sport may be a bit too much liquid, as I may leave a bottle with another supporter at 14 & 21 miles

  • Nice to have something that isn't sweet too Jordie.  When I opened the goodie bag after FLM in 2009 I couldn't face the chocoalte and cereal bars but the apple was the best apple that I had ever tasted.
  • DLDL ✭✭✭


    Race number 18584

    Will take cash to expo for supporters to buy general supplies as I imagine the weight of a few hundred packs of jelly babies may be rather prohibitive.

    May also leave a gel for mile 17 - which I will label up 

    Thank you, thank you, thank you  - may not be coherent enough to say this on the day!

  • Morning all image Not long now, I hope the tapir madness is not too bad image
  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭
    B wrote (see)
    Morning all image Not long now, I hope the tapir madness is not too bad image

    Yes, it's that bad.  I do occasionally think I'm a pig-like animal, but that might be down to the amount of food I'm trying to stop myself from eating!  Isn't it awful that you can't just keep guzzling all that food that sustained you through high mileage weeks!

    Cheers, Caz.  The runner is me, so faster than the average pack runner, but I have my own thoughts on whether that's actually fast or not.  I might advise start then over to Isle of Dogs.

  • I'm lovin the taper , fed up of all those long miles .just bring it on now! image

  • enjoy the taper

    its there for a reason - it is vital, especially for the novice or in expereinced

    it'll leave you fresh and strong for the big day

    it dont mean do nothing - just less , nice easy shorter stuff , whilst you carbo load up and fuell up,

    eat, drink and sleep well - so if next Thursday, Friday or Saturday the nevers and excitemnet lose you sleep, you'll have already prepared

    enjoy and good luck all

  • Hi SuperCaz, B and Maddy,
    Have been sent over by Sister Bad Habit as a late joiner to your support group. Firstly thanks so much for your support. This is my first marathon and I don't have family coming to support along the route, so I will be very pleased to see you at mile 17!
    Race number is 38391, name Lorna, I will be wearing the CLIC Sargent bright pink vest with my name on front, black leggings. Hoping for 10 min miles, so should be with you around 2.50 after start, possibly around 1pm? Am starting in red zone and have been told it can take 30 minutes to get across the start line, so my timings may well be out!
    I may drop a bag off at the Expo but can't think of anything special needed, maybe a banana and some jelly babies.
    Thanks again Guys, sounds like you do a fabulous job.
  • Welcome Felixa!  You are added to the magical spreadsheet

    Ratzer, you might not think you are fast, but you are the fastest person on my spreadsheet.  That makes you speedy fast in my books!

  • Hi SuperCaz, B and Maddy!
    I too am a latecomer to this group, and I feel very welcome already having read some of the comments. This is my first marathon so it will be great to have support at mile 17!
    My race number is 47039, name Kate, I'll be wearing the Sense orange and blue vest with my name on the front, and black and purple shorts. I'm aiming to finish in 4 hours so I should reach mile 17 at about 12:30pm (ish..?!)
    I may drop off some gels at the expo, other than that it would be brilliant just to say hi.
    Thanks in advance for your support, looking forward to seeing you! image
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