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  • xine267 wrote (see)

    The DOMS was far worse yesterday - I was shuffling around like Pingu (cartoon not you image )

    .. well you say that .. but you haven't seen me run yet!!

    Btw, I just wanted to say, I'm really hoping I stop and be cheerful at mile 17.... however ... twice I've completely missed the RW group and the 2 times I've done it I'm not looking pretty at mile17.  Hopefully Sunday will be different but if I don't stop, I'll be thinking virtual hugs! image (and definitely round for beers later)

  • ;)

    However you are at Mile 17 is absolutely fine - it's your day, whatever you need to get you through. Even if you want to come over and kick the sign!

    I will have my iphone and will try to track runners via the website but does anyone know if there is a way to store the race numbers of the runners before Sunday? It seems so complicated compared to the Brighton Marathon when we had a lovely app to store race numbers and send notifications when that runner crossed the half way point & the finish line.

  • The way I am feeling today, will be lucky to get to mile 7! On a positive note, looking at doing Brighton next year!
  • You think that now but on Sunday it will be a different story image 

    I have almost completely decided against signing up for Brighton or anything else this month. I think I'll give myself some non-marathon headspace over the summer to concentrate on shorter distances and strength & conditioning. If I still feel the urge at the end of the Summer, I'll enter one that starts registration in September.

    *hums La Marseillaise*

  • Hello everyone,

     Apologies for the my lack of interaction so far but I've spent the last couple of weeks getting over a bout of manflu so that I am can make it to the start on Sunday.  My info is:

    Forum name - Circus Strongman
    Name (suggest you email this if unhappy to divulge via the forum) - Darran
    Race number - 18579
    Estimated time to mile 17 - Around 2 hours 50 mins
    What you'll be wearing - depending on the weather but I'll be wearing a white t-shirt and a purple Mencap running vest and a black cap. Or if it rains, I will be wearing a blue jacket over the top of everything.
    Any special needs* - I plan on dropping of a bag at the expo if that's ok, so if you would be kind enough to give me that at mile 17 that would be great. Other than that, some re-assurance that I am still going stong.

    Hope everyone is ok and is looking forward to Sunday.



    right there it is guys!!

    i thought he plainer and simpler the better as i know what i'm like at mile 17......

    will attatch it to a pole tomorrow when its dry!!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    Very nice, I like blue.

  • Lovely!
    Very excited/nervous now. First marathon so don't know what to expect really. Can't wait to get down to London on Saturday and start enjoying it all image
  • Had a fab weekend in Brighton, I was spectating if any of the runners saw us at mile 12 with a banner someone gave us saying Go Buzzers Go with my 3 girls ( i met a couple of ppl off the forum up at the clock tower in Preston Park which was good )

    well done on all those who got PB in Brighton, on the back of the excitement of watching for the last 2 years i've signed up for 2013 without even running VLM yet arrgh!!!

    Anyway back to VLM

    I have a knee injury that i picked up 3 weeks ago, can run to 10miles before it kicks in so been icing and got a knee brace support today in running shop, they ordered it in for me bless and i tried it out on their treadmill

    on the back of that, i'm now going to have to adopt a different stragedy for running and going for the run walk plan that i've seen other people do, so probably going to run 10/12mins and walk for 1 min, so if u see me walking it may be that i'm on the walk bit, but by mile 17 it could be that my knee has kicked in and i'm walking cos i'm in pain, guess you will find out on sunday

    although i have to say, i plan to stop and will be in need of hugs at mudchute so i hope you will oblige

    Mick n Phil u have to oblige seeing as I hugged you at Gloucester you have to return the favour

    Remember that I am probably one of the slowest runners in this group so hope you will all wait for me

    I cant see me finishing the marathon before 6 hours especially now i have a knee injury

    Incidentally can I ask everyone, what colour start are you in?

    and also if you are going to expo on the saturday morning, what time are people planning to get there, just wondered if anyone fancied meeting by the runners world stand just so can say a friendly hi before race day?

    did someone offer their mobile number in the cheer squad, cant remember if i imagined that or not, if they did could i have it please, so i can tell you where I am, cos i am seriously worried that u may have got bored and given up waiting for me, so i can text you when i'm getting near mile 17


  • Hi Jo,

    I'm also injured and planning on run/walking from the very beginning, so you definitely wont be the slowest! Good luck and I hope your knee holds out as long as possible.
    Oh and I think I'm in the red start.
  • ooh Pug Runner if ur red start we could say hi at the start then

    ooh and someone has just sent me the link like Brighton u can be followed by people so they know where you are

    think someone in the cheer squad were asking about this
  • Love the blue sign...can't miss the best group now!

  • MWW i recognise u from Brighton thread too lol
  • Hi HannahasmomUK,

    I'll be wearing a union jack tutu so please come say Hi if you spot me!

  • ooh yes ok Pug Runner i will, at least hopefully you will be easy to spot lol
  • Hope so!
    Will be fun spotting the crazy costumes too, hopefully keep me distracted from my suffering!

  • we'll be screaming abuse at you all

    completely free of charge

  • Jo / Pug Runner

    Good luck with the injuries, hopefully they'll improve some what for Sunday so that you can enjoy the day!

    I went to the expo last night (it was really quiet) so won't be able to join you on Saturday and am in the blue start, pen 7.

    Anyone know what the weather will be like? I can't make up my mind whether I want rain or sun

  • Great we have a sign. Well done Vikw - plain an simple deffo the best.

    I've dusted off my pompoms and just need to find the charger now. image

  • Wow the sign looks great Vik! Great job image 

    Jo and PR - we will be waiting for you and ready to supply hugs, cheers, jelly babies and gels as needed! I think you are amazing for doing the marathon with an injury, don't worry about the time it takes to get to Mile 17, just think that after you see us you'll only have single digits to go! image

  • Vik

    I went to the Expo last night and couldn't find the RW stand! I know I was only there for a bit but gutted I couldn't find you guys...

  • image actually, that's a good point!  I couldn't find the RW world stand in the picture in the mag.

  • I am so nervous as this is my first ever marathon. One year ago  I was a couch potato and my best effort at running was 5km in 45 mins (which is essentially a walk).

    Finished the Brighton half fairly comfortably in 2:10 this year and a recent 10k in 54 mins, so really not sure what to expect timing wise this weekend.

    Going to need all the support I can get this Sunday. I have pacer wrist bands from 04:10 to 04:30 and still deciding which one to use

    Although I keep telling myself it would be a great achievement just to finish, I think subconsciously I would like to do it in round about 04:30 (RW Race predictor says I should be capable of it) and I am afraid I'd be disappointed if I do it too slow. Any help with my mindset? I think I need a shrink image

  • N32, think that ur times are good, so just go for it and try not to get to focused on ur finish time just enjoy the race otherwise you will feel demoralised if you dont reach ur ideal target and it would be a shame to ruin the day ( you can always run another marathon if you want a PB image )

    i think the fact that you have done 10k in under an hour is good going if you say that ur first 5k was 45 mins, you will be great, enjoy!!

    to the others on here doing envelopes for the RW stand at Expo, although slightly worried as I couldnt find it in the magazine either, please tell me there is a stand if not do we leave our envelopes somewhere else on another stand???

    i am just packing up my envelope now with jaffa cakes, jelly babies and a couple of gels with my pic on the front of what i'll be wearing, although on saying that if its raining i wont be wearing that, i'll be wearing a yellow knitted hat with my hair in plaits and a yellow/lime jacket

  • RW Stand is number 148 at the Expo. I haven't been yet, but a couple of my friends went yesterday & today and found it for me (so they could enter the Saucony Kinvara contest for me image ).

    Did any of you get photos taken with your race numbers in the photobooth? I'm noticing a lot of them appearing on FB!

  • Newbie32 - Welcome! image

    Why don't you condense your pace bands down to show every 3 miles? Have your 4.10 time in red and the 4.30 time in black?

    It's good to have a time in mind, but don't focus on it so much that you don't get a chance to enjoy the day. It's your first attempt at doing this distance in race conditions, so it's bound to be a bit of a learning curve too image

  • Circus Strongman and xine267 - thank you for the words of support!

    I think when I inevitably start to suffer I have to keep in mind that if I wasn't running the marathon, I'd be at home watching it on the telly wishing I was!

    Thanks Xine and Hannahsmom. Hope to see some of you at the start line! This is me.

  • i wanna post a pic on here, how do u do that?
  • Hannah - click on the "insert image" tag ..looks like a tree............. above! Upload your image, needs to be websized I think!

    I'm off to London in the morning...Expo by lunchtime I hope...RW drop off...pasta and shopping!

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