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  • Well this morning I have woken up and I have a completely blocked nose, aching sinuses and a cough. That would probably explain the breathing issues I was having yesterday then image
    So glad I have today off work!
    Looks like the heat caught everyone by surprise! I was expecting rain.
  • Hello everyone!

    Good morning all VLM runners and supporters. I got to mile 17 yesterday but I missed you guys!

    I was in so much pain by then as knees gave out from mile 3 and had to adjust my expectations! Overall I am glad I finished in 04:52:33 - slower than I wanted but there is always next time!

    Bicuit Nikki - Get well soon. I think you were quite right to say the heat took everyone by surprise! It definitely got me!

  • MadWelshWoman wrote (see)

    Hello all

    Thank you all so much for your hard work and support. I didi strugglewith the heat and a painful neck from about 8 miles, was soo pleased to get to mile 17! Thank you for the hugs xine and providing much needed support and supplies. I did pick up a bit after mile 17, your support made such a differenceimage My finish time was no where near what I wanted, 5.31.36, but happy to have got round.

    You should be very proud of yourself! Hope you are enjoying a good rest today image  I was so pleased to see you at Mile 17, you looked great - still very fresh and happy.

    By that point in Brighton I was scowling and when I got offered jelly babies by one of my poor friends I snarled "Not green! I only want the black ones!"

    I think a lot of people, myself included, struggled and didn't make their targets. All I can say is that we kept going, both during training and on the day, when thousands of people would have given up and millions of people never started. Sometimes it just doesn't come together quite as planned on the day, but we did it and can wear our bling with pride!

  • Nikki - get well soon! Definitely sounds like your cold kicked in yesterday, and probably wasn't helped by the massive battering your immune system took from running the marathon. Lots of rest and recovery this week.

    I've got a sore throat, but I think its from all the cheering yesterday image

    Newbie32 - so sorry to have missed you! We were just after the water station (a few hundred yards before the Mile 17 sign). I was looking out for a few friends as well as the RW crew and only managed to spot one of them as she dashed past. Congratulations on your time and hope your knee feels better soon.

  • xine, was it you who gave me my gels?
  • I was the one wearing sunglasses and looking a bit panicked that I couldn't find the gels, and VikW came to my rescue and handed them over image
  • It's strange, time goes all weird, I was really looking forward to getting to the RW station and when I got there I could barely speak!  It was lovely seeing you all though image

  • Hi guys, I missed you as well!
    I got speaking to a lovely woman who was struggling as much as me around the 17 mile mark. I only realised as I was past 17 and by that time it was too late!
    I didn't get a great time 6:06 but I relaxed when I realised things weren't going to plan and just enjoyed the day and amazing experience.

  • Would just love to say a BIG THANK YOU to you all, it was so nice to have that hug at mudchute I saw the group straightaway, thanks to the blue number 4 sign awesome

    My time was 5hours 49mins and as my target was 6hours I consider it to be a PB lol

    I was so chuffed at my bad knee had kicked in a mile 10 so was really struggling and I have to say my worst mile was 17 to 18 probably cos I stopped for so long at mudchute hugging everyone

    I totally stuffed that jaffa cake into my mouth as i needed it but felt so sick after lol

    my gel came in handy but I couldnt touch jelly babies ( dont think i'll touch them for months!! )

    Not really sure who hugged me as had a total brain freeze as was just trying to get through the pain

    I was please that I managed to catch Mick N Phil just further on down too, I think I actually collapsed into Micks arms at that point lol

    and then further down I saw my bf who I had text saying get me a bottle of coke and some painkillers ( as I knew the Adsa was just round the corner ) which he dutifully did, took those and my swig of coke ( he got 2 bottles diet and normal and asked me which one, I laughed and said, i'm running a marathon i dont want diet coke lol )

    then by mile 20 my painkillers had kicked in and I have to say ( yes I know I got a slow time ) that the last 6miles were the easiest part of the marathon for me

    by now the pain had gone,I enjoyed highfiving all the kids, I knew i only had 10k to do, I was actually running 10 1/2 mins miles and the last 800 metres did 9 1/2 min mile according to my garmin, I had a negative split woop woop, as I totally felt so good at mile 20 decided to give it a blast, pretty good after running for 13/14min miles in the first half ( including a 16min mile from mudchute but that did include me hugging eveyrone lol )

    i'm learing from my experience that its definitely best not to start off too fast, i saved my legs when it mattered, i took all my gels in the right place to give me my boosts, the race just went like a dream for me I beat my target of 6 hours and never hit the wall and at the end, i put my arms up ( apparently some of my friends saw me on TV go over the finish line ) and thought yep, not as bad as I thought, legs feel fine and I could do that again!!!

    went to Chandos, it was rammed, I walked round but couldnt see anyone I recognised so went over the road, got a hot chocolate down my neck, went back to my friends house had a bath then attempted to catch the coach back to oxford to my bf's house and guess what, nearly missed the coach and I had to run, yes run, sprint, to catch it as it had already pulled up at the stop!!!!, go me!!

    however my legs know about it today lol well my knee does anyway, knee is agony legs just feel abit stiff, i've managed the stairs ok lol and been icing and heating my knee

    the whole thing was brilliant, amazing, the weather i know was abit hot but better than the rain we had at the end, as i crossed the line, the heavens opened

    thank you everyone for your support, knowing you were there at mudchute just kept me going, I was like mile 17 just need to get to mile 17 lol Well done to everyone, I think we rocked VLM 2012!!!
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