Will I be ready for the MK Marathon

I've been training for some time for the MK marathon on 29 April this year. I've done London a couple of years ago but this time I seem to be riddled with injuries. It started off just being my heel which I sorted within a couple of weeks with a heel support and ice.

 Then came a really odd pain on my kneecap that doesn't seem to be capable of explanation. It doesn't hurt when I run but after running it swells a bit and there is a dull pain. It's right on the edge of the kneecap on the inside and isn't my iliotibial band.

 Then came the worst pain of all - my hip with it's constant clicking. I've now lost the ability to hop on my left leg due to that pain and it affects my whole leg. The physio told me my knees point inwards and one of my feet rolls inwards and this was the cause of my problems. I've got exercises and am seeing the physio again next week but am concerned I may not be able to run the MK marathon.

With only 6 weeks to go, my longest run being 13.2 miles in absolutely freezing, wet, windy conditions and not having run for the last 2 weeks due to my injury...realistically what are my chances of running 26.2 miles in 6 weeks?? I'm also supposed to be doing the Oakley 20 on 1 April but I'm not sure that would be wise at the moment.

 Any help would be appreciated!


  • Running - no.

    Run/walk - probably

  • What did the physio say ?
  • When I saw her last week, she didn't know. Wanted to see how I responded to treatment and exercises but with 6 weeks to go I would like to know now so I can get ready for the marathon or look for another one maybe later in the year. I'm climbing Kilimanjaro at the end of June so don't want to do lasting damage by running if I'm not ready. What a pain in the backside after all this training!!
  • Your physio really is the best person to be asking ... no one here will the personal knowledge that he/she has
  • Hi Nikki
    You really need to be up to 20 miles comfortably 1 month before your marathon. I'd say sort your injury out first. No race is worth a long lay off from running. Hope that helps. (ps I think we used to be work colleagues - I am the cost manager at that firm in Northampton)!
  • Nikki

    You have experienced a marathon once before, and I'm sure you can think back to the demands. Think through running MK carefully, taking the appropriate advice.

    Running around Milton Keynes does not compare to climbing Kili which has to have been my all time top experience. You will need to be in good physical shape for June, and to have mantained good cardio fitness.

    Do not put your Kili trip in danger if there is a probability that you will run MK and pick up further injury. Perhaps focus on Kili, and plan for an Autumn marathon.

    Good luck whatever you do, and pole pole (slowly, slowly as the guides will instruct) for Kili
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