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Can anyone recommend an energy gel for consumption during a marathon that won't make me gag?! Are there any nice ones out there? So far I've tried:

+ Viper Active mixed berry - best so far. Quite runny, which was good, and tasted ok-ish, though I'm sure more than two might start getting sickly.

+ Gu Tri-berry - tasted ok, but had a consistency like thick caramel! Had to chew it, even after warming it up in my hand for a good 6 miles. Made me gag and couldn't finish it, which is a shame, because what I did manage to consume was quite effective in the energy stakes.

Mule Kick apple strudel - Quite simply, the most foul-tasting thing I've ever put in my mouth! It was like taking a mouthful of cough medicine whilst out running. Bad.

Has anyone tried any that are particularly nice in both the taste and consistency department?


  • High 5 isogels are easily the best for being runny! I also think the berry ones taste pretty good too image
  • I agree. I used to use Maxim but they are very sweet and sticky and go stiff in the cold. Once it induced a coughing fit towards the end of a marathon because it stuck in my throat. Have switched to high5 and much prefer them.
  • yer majyer maj ✭✭✭
    I use the High 5 orange Isogels too - so far, even 6 of them haven't managed to make me feel sick because they're not too sweet. They're quite big though so I decant them into bottles before I run - saves a lot of faffing around and sticky fingers!
  • I like.High5 too. Pity they stopped the chocolate flavour though.
  • I use the standard (non-isotonic) High5 gels and find that they are not too bad.

    Perosonally, find the summer fruits or banana blast ones the nicest.

  • I use Shot Bloks, but they're in a soft jelly format, but I think that you can get them in a gel format. Taste is OK, not too sweet and they come in strawberry, forest fruits (or blackcurrant) and orange.

    Someone recommended Torq gels to me, but I've never tried them.  I have problems with lactose and gluten intolerances, so am more limited in the ones that I can take, hence my sticking to Shot Bloks by Clif Bar as they're free from both. 

  • High 5 Isogels in Citrus (not too sweet)
  • Lucozade standard orange. Did me fine for a long run a while back.
  • My friend uses Torq gels, she said they are just like yoghurt. She suffers with Colitis and these do not upset her so they must be good.
  • I'm a fan of SIS Go gels- the orange ones are not too heavily flavoured.

    It's a very personal thing, what works for one person may not work for you. 

  • High 5 for me, works well in marathons and Ultras so far as long as you take with water.

    £20 for 40 from wiggle - bargain!

  • More carbs per gram and 55p for a loaf Soreen Malt Loaf is a pleasant alternative to gels often seen at ultra events.
  • I recently switched to the High5 gels and like them. Not to sweet, not too sickly. The normal ones, the ones with added caffeine and the Isogel ones - they're all good. but yes, the Isogel ones are large and runny and easy to spill all over yourself.

    I also like the Powerbar gels, particularly the tropical Fruit flavour. Yum! 

    Fruit loaf, malt loaf and banana loaf are all great for energy, but can be difficult to digest if you're running with a lot of effort. I'll eat banana loaf while doing my long slow runs and it's lovely, but if I tried it on a tempo run, I know I'd just chuck it all back up straight away...

  • SiSGo for me - quite runny and easy to take without any water. High 5 also good.

    I don't like ZipVit - VERY gloopy and sticky.
  • Despite SIS being sufficiently diluted that you can take them without water, I found doing so gave me stomach trouble. Currently using powerbar, which is less bulky, and timing them with water stops.

    Have always seen gels as a necessary evil but half wondering whether to just rely on the bananas and raisins on offer in Paris in three weeks...

    Anyone ever tried that?
  • +1 for the High 5 Gels - only thing I can manage. Others are just too thick and gloopy, or have unpleasant side-effects...

    For bars - currently liking Nakd Bars, as I'm on a bit of a raw food kick. The Banana Bread one especially...

  • I like GU best. It's best with a glug of water, admittedly, but some of the flavours slip down better than others. They do some chewy things too called Chomps which are quite yummy, and you just wolf them down, nice and small like sweeties only with more energy and replacement nutrients in.
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    I've tried most of the brands, and I highly recommend Torq gels (in particular cherry yoghurt). They are not too sickly and actually taste very nice. They come in quite a few flavours.

    I would also recommend Clif Shock Bloks too - they taste like gummy bears or jelly snakes and are mess free as they are little jelly cubes. The strawberry ones are my favourite.

    I've not had a problem digesting either brands.
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