cross traing?

hi.I've been running regularly for about 3 months. I run 3 times week.I tend to do a 5k run once a week , time is averaging 36mins. the other 2 days are about a 30 min run.
I am not fast,nor really bothered about speed to be honest.My biggest goal is to get fit and lose weight.

I am trying really hard to see changes in myself,eg a year ago I was 2stone heavier,and smoked..but I am getting frustrated in how slow progress is.
I know I can push myself further. I really enjoy the buzz running gives me but should I run more times each week or should I do other types of training.

I can fit about 1hr a day for training. I have thought of the schedule below but would appreciate opinions on it and suggestions otherwise. for 40 min
tue...1hr on cross trainer at gym
wed...40 min swimming
thu...40 min run day
sat...40 min run
sun...1hr cycle ride



  • Your body has a nasty habit of becoming accustomed to particular exercises, after which point it becomes much harder to lose weight doing them.

    With your aims, I think cross training is a great idea. You will avoid stressing your joints too much as well.

    One other type of exercise I would recommend is weight lifting, probably using machines if you haven't done it before. There's no risk of becoming a female Schwarzenneger. In combination with cardio, it will burn fat super quickly and tone you up. You'll also feel great in general.
  • bloke in the running shop said that biking n running dont mix .... rubbish i reckon
  • Some of the fittest people about are Triathletes so maybe follow a Tri training schedule for a bit and see how you get on. I agree with Radicchio to try weight training too.
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