knee pain

I am training for the Belfast marathon in 7 weeks time. All has been going well, my only slight pain has been from some groin discomfort which always goes after about a mile! But I went out on my long run on friday which was scheduled to be 20 miles. Everything was going great until mile 10 when I was running up hill and started to have a numb pain in my knees (both). This affected my running as I was almost hobbling. I managed to run through this (I know that wasnt clever) after a mile it passed. However when i hit mile 14 and was running on undulating pavement which sloped in all directions the pain started to get worse. By this point the pain was a sharp pain in the side of my left knee. I was able to go on for some more but then had to stop at about 16 miles. I tried running again but couldn't. Walked a mile and then was able to jog home with some discomfort but not as bad.

Friday evening and saturday it was uncomfortable going up and down the stairs. I used ice and rest.

Sunday i went on the treadmill and all was good until mile 3 when i started to feel it again so i stopped.

Today i went out and all was ok until mile 4 when i was aware of it. This time it was more a dull pain almost like a dead leg pain. It wasnt really painful just uncomfortable. I ran slowly and covered 7.25 miles. Today was more discomfort than pain but now i am worried not knowing whether i should run or rest altogether.

I am thinking about going to see a physio to get it checked out. Now that i am homw walking etc i cannot feel it at all. I should add that i think the trainers i ran on in friday (long rum) were done and had been for a few weeks which has probably not helped. I have new ones now


  • Sounds very like a tweaked peroneal nerve (numbness usually indicates a nerve-based rather than joints or muscle issue). The good thing is this is eminently treatable, and usually without any break from running.

    My physio gave me a couple of key stretches to do: one involves sitting with you legs hanging loose (e.g. on a table), and then twisting the foot on the affected leg inwards, until it is in the position a bit like twisting your ankle, and hold for 30 seconds or so. The other is whilst standing, lock the affected leg straight with the foot on the ground (the other leg slightly behind you, with the knee bent). Then repeatedly lift you arms above your heads, and swing them forward and down. Repeat until you get bored! I also found gentle circular rubbing of the affected area helps as well.

    Both stretches are intended to stretch out the peroneal nerve (which runns all the way down from your head to just above your knee, and then divides either side of the knee. As your legs get more toned due to training, the nerve can become a bit tight, and could do with stretching out. Probably worth a trip to a physio anyway, though.

  • I don't quite believe this... I went out with the running club tonight (I wanted to see how my knee would cope/no pain at all today when walking etc). Whilst warming up with lots of stretches lead by coach I felt a "pop" and burning sensation in my right thigh when i was stretching it!!

    I went out on the run and was aware of it when running slowly but felt nothing when running fast. I felt great in middle of session and did 5 miles in less than 40 mins starting slower with 8.20 min miles and then finishing with 3 at 7.40 which was quick for me. Felt great, but the minute i stopped my knee went sore (i did not feel it or thigh) during run. Had to walk/jog back to club and am now sitting with ice on knee and thigh.

    What is happening to me? I feel like i am falling apart. I think i am going to have to take a few days off now.

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