I've decided I'm going to do the C25K programme. Mainly to lose weight and exercise for my health, but I also need to get outdoors more and I thought taking up running would be a good way to combine everything (I'm a mature student so spend a lot of time indoors at my computer and I'm missing fresh air)

Can someone help with advising what kind of shoes I should get? I'm too embarrassed to go to a proper running store, but know I need some advice. Can anyone help advise where to start?


  • ..go to a proper running shop.


    there is no need to be embarrassed, people of all shapes and sizes run.

    Let us know what area you live in and we might be able to recommend a suitable shop

  • I agree. I went to one and they were absolutely brilliant. Better to get the right shoes to start with, than risk injury, especially if you're like me and a bit on the heavy side.

    (The wrong shoes can actually cause damage, and I say this from personal experience image )
  • Thanks both.

    I'm in Kent - so any recommendations round Maidstone or Canterbury would be great.
  • I went to sports direct the herunsherun bit, they have a pad that you stand on to look at the shape of your foot and then you can choose the trainers with the same picture. I went there when I wanted my first shoes because the thought of running in front of anyone was horrendous.
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