why won't my groin adductor injury heal??



  • Hi

    I found this thread after suffering a groin injury which feels more like a tear. Ive had this for 5 weeks now and initially got it through football. I play footy about 4 times a week but nothing since the injury. It feels like someone has 'stabbed' me in the right groin area. Although the initial sharp pain has gone I now have a secondary ache as if it is trying to heal. I feel it more in bed when I turn the affected area or make sudden leg movements. I have gone to a physio who did massage and to do some excerisesand take ibuprofen but still the pain has not gone away. I wouldn't chance even a jog due to knowing the pain would come back although find I can do cycle and some weights in the gym.

    My next steps is to go to the GP for further advice. Has anyone got any advice other than this? I'd hate to stop playing football. For your info I am 44
  • Hi im going through the same thing.I got injured while playing soccer.I kicked the ball as hard as i could and i just collapsed i've been going through this for over 6 months now and i dont see any signs of improvements can someone please help me?
    Im open to all suggestions as long as it helps!
    What does the physio say?
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