Starter for 10

 Starter For 10

Anyone watching this film on TV now?

I was at Liverpool Poly in '87 about a couple of years after this movie is set, but this  film is making me feel all nostalgic for a time that was both really shite and really great.

Sharing digs with an incontinent doberman, and a succession of boring engineering students, drunks and cycling obsessive.

Do the working classes still go to college from shitty little sea side towns? I am sure there where posh kids somewhere but the students I knew seemed genuinely suprised that anyone had let them in!

Still doesnt matter as we ended Aparteid, im going to out live Thathcher.....and the girls....are there ever women as beutiful as the ones you meet when your 18 far from home and drunk as lord?


  • No but I saw it a few years ago. Probabky the only film I liked with Mc Avoy in. He's a bit of a DICK. His wife is nice though.
  • I'm a mature student (35) doing a law degree at Notts Trent University, and I live in the mature student accommodation. To be honest, it's not too bad.
  • Wow must be fun being a middle aged student
  • Oh Sussex runner your so rude.

    You said d**k!

    Umm im telling mum.image

    ......and itsn't middle age 45 plus?

    Isnt it?

    Say it is



  • 35, middle age?????
    Cheeky git!
  • Come here you young whipper snapper, I'll have your guts for garters! image
  • Starter for 10 is prob the worst film I've seen the lovely James in but still watchable.

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    45 middle aged image

    Other half was a Brighton Poly some time in the 80's. His friends were not working class. The rich and the gifted they were. (All 1st students) Most came from engineering backgrounds which is what he studied.

    Not that I ever really knew what working class was or is for that matter. Aren't we all working class as we work? Well apart from me. image

  • Well, the distinction between working class and middle class has been blurred for some years now? What are we to base the distinction on? Occupation? Accent? Wealth? Education? The way in which we treat others?
    I really don't know the answer to this one.
    I'm from a working class background, talk with a working class accent and spent 18 years in a factory, but I am studying law at university, a middle class subject and hope to enter the legal profession. I will always consider myself working class though.
    What about someone who goes to Eton and Oxford, but becomes an unemployed drug addict, but maintains their posh accent? Their background is middle class, but the way they live their life would make them a member of the underclass.
    At one time the steroetypical middle class person was a home owner with a car and a steady job, but many working class people now fit in to this classification.
    Therefore, I don't think that the normal class distinction can apply anymore. These days it's more about what you make of your life, than what you were born as.
    Your thoughts please ladies and gentlemen?
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    Middle class convention was essentially planning for the future which was once possible when a job was effectively for life. Careers were built by longevity and promotion tied in with long service. Well that idea's buggered now and the middle classes have destroyed themselves but the conventions still remain namely in our education system, as in 'do well at school and' 'what? or a lender for a mortgage still wants proof that you have the 'job for life' instead of a six month rolling contract.
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