Scorton Bikes and Barrows 10k

What`s this one like? And why`s it called `Bikes and Barrows`?


  • Hi, its called "Bikes and Barrows" because the village puts on a weeks event where outside houses there are displays of decorated bikes and wheelbarrows! Sounds mad doesn't it! I went last year and was quite impressed at the effort the village went too. (plus there are some great little cafes!!)

    I helped to find a route which has been accurately measured, it is all on small country roads and doesn't use any other local race route so is new to everybody. It is fairly hilly run but what you go up you do come down! I will try and post a link to the route on here when I get chance.

    Please come along and support the race. All proceeds will be going to support village projects image

  •  Hope this link work (this is a quick idea of where the route runs!)


  • Thanks. I`m tempted as I`m intending to be in Preston for the Guild 5 k on the Monday! image
  • how hilly is hilly!

  • you can still enter online at up to friday night
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