Preston Guild 5K

Anyone else aiming to do the whole series?

 I`ve never done a 5k before but I`m planning to get over to Lancs to do the first part of the 4 races. I`ve seen a map of the course but I don`t know the area really. Is it pretty quick?

Looking forward more to the 10 miler and (hopefully) the marathon. image


  • I am going to do marathon and usually do Preston 10 mile and Run Preston 10k anyway, so am tempted.

    Haven't done the 5k race before but have had a look at the map. The course is net downhill so should be quick! There is a short steep climb to bridge to cross over river and another to get from tram path onto other track back into Preston. Looks a good course.

  • I was thinking about doing this and the maybe the half or full marathon (undecided yet), as I have previously done the Run Preston 10km I had to say it was my least favourite race I have ever done. But this year I am going to do the four race series, I'll just grin and bare it for the 10km for another 20 years.
  • I have just looked at the map on the Red Rose Runners website, It's fairly flat with the only up hill part being about 3 and half km in other than the one which goes up to bridge that crosses the river. Should be a good run if the sunshine continues
  • Thanks Chris. Why`s the 10k so bad?
  • I think it was more my expectations more than anything else. I was looking forward to it so much which is only a bad thing. I did it in 2007 so things may have changed or improved.

     However, although the 5km route is part of the 10 km, it is the best part. Where the start of the 5km is the bottom of a very steep hill which is the entrance to Avenham Park, once you get over that then there is another incline up Winckley Square. Also there was multiple laps (I think 3 which I hate) around the market.

    If you are also one for souviners the T-shirt faded after a wash the medal wasn't up to anything. The photographer was at the top of the market looking down on the finishing, which made it look like it was a sniper taking the photo and you couldn't see yourself unless you wore something unusual. I may be being harsh as after running the Middlesborough 10km and I was comparing to it to that.

  • Just looking at the map, do we go up the Avenham Park hill that goes up to Winckley square then turn right along the top before coming back on yourself and then down the otherside of the Japanese gardens?
  • I`ll enter this over the weekend hopefully. Maybe the OH will do it too.
  • I think where your talking about Ashley is the start point, and it looks like you run away from that point.
  • I have run what seems to be the route and it comes up short at 4.5km image
  • I am entered for all the Series. The 5k is a nice course and is quite quick, but it will depend on numbers if it attracts a large number of people (due to it being part of the series) it could get busy on route
  • Please let me reassure everyone that the courses for the Guild Series races are accurately measured and certyified as accurate: I finished measuring the marathon and half yesterday and just have all thedocuments to produce now. Should all be done witin the next week

    Guild 5K on May 7th

    Run Preston 5K (different course to the Guild 5K)

    Run Preston 10K

    Guild Marathon (well, it's measured and it will be certified by the end of next week)

    Guild Half Marathon (as with the marathon)

    Preston 10 mile road race.

     Heres the map of thhe May 5K Start in the park, run up towards the steep hill, bear right and do an anticlockwise loop before ruturning and hitting the flat, fast parts of the rout.

    And Chris, to clarify, you are right. You run away from the start image You'll be ruuning towards the finish image (I know what you meant but the way it was worded made me smile image)

    Hope this helps everyone

  • Entered last night! image
  • Hello Brian, just to clarify, we start around the bridge that seperates the two parks? I've been thinking it stated close to the riverside cafe and then we run up the hill before bearing right. Thanks for your help.
  • And to clarify is the finish line in the river?
  • Looks like it is on the bridge to me but river sounds more fun!
  • Anyone had their numbers yet? Or is it collect on the day?
  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭


    Number and chip collection on the day. Get there early.

    Yes I did say chip!!!


  • Thanks Keith! You doing it?

  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

    Afraid not ET giving out chips and or numbers at HQ then collecting chips at the finish. Hopefully doing rest of Guild series all being well.


  • Keith OB wrote (see)

    Afraid not ET giving out chips and or numbers at HQ then collecting chips at the finish. Hopefully doing rest of Guild series all being well.


    Good work! I`ll have to try and say `hello` on the day!
  • Keith OBKeith OB ✭✭✭

    ET we will both be there on the day.

    You will recognise us as because of all the times we have taken your time or number before.


  • Well, I`m back in Sheffield now and it was well worth the trip. I enjoyed the race despite the congested start and well done to Red Rose Runners and all the other folk who helped! image

  • I thoroughly enjoyed the race, only real critism would be the congested start along the narrow paths. But very well ran and good marshalling.Well done Red Rose Runners

  • You have to bear in mind that the course was only designed for 500 entries but, due to demand, the organisers allowed more entries into the race (nearly 860 in the end). As 85% of entrants turned up, that's what caused the congestion although if people had actually started in a place appropriate for their likely pace, that might have helped a bit.

  • very true. i started a few yards back from the `elite` pen and was weaving in and out of plodders for the first k. happy with 21.24 for my first 5 k though!image

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