knee pain

I have started squeezing a quick 3 mile road run into my lunch breaks during the week. I'm not going any great pace (under 30min times)and the terrain isn't esp tough 1 down hill, 1 up hill, and the rest pretty much flat, but it's killing my knees image

Did a road 10k the other day with no adverse effects and have always preferred road running and not had this issue this an indicator that I need to invest in a new pair of trainers?....

last bit of running pain i had was ankles and that was solved by switching to asics from nike free 5's

thoughts? advice pls?....

also is there any prep I can do prior to legging it out the door from my desk? maybe I need a 'warm up' as such?....


  • Hi Chlobo - how long have you had your trainers - how many miles roughly have you done in them? Have you increased your weekly mileage by more than 10%? Have you changed your running technique?

    If your trainers are trashed and have done more than the manufacturers recommended 300-500 miles you might want to go shopping.  If you've suddenly upped your mileage - your knees could be letting you know it's too much too soon and your trainers might be fine! Maybe you've slightly changed your running style in the nike free's and agin your body needs time to adapt...

    A warm up is always a good idea and the lack of one in itself is enough to make your knees ache as the synovial fluid in your joints hasn't had chance to warm up (this changes its viscosity and its ability to lubricate your joints).  Maybe incorporate your warm up into the first mile - that would be my approach!

  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    I have increased my monthly mileage yes!

    I don't think they are over 300-500 miles but then again I can't remember when I bought them! probably over a year ago?....

    How can I work my warm up into the 1st mile?... atm I do this...

    get up from desk
    go to loo
    get changed
    go out office door

    Should I maybe run slower for the first bit?.... to warm up? or do some star jumps in the car park maybe???....
  • Morning Chlobo

    It's your weekly mileage you need to keep track of - the usual advice is to increase by no more than 10%.  If you want to do extra, maybe do extra  walking until you build up to where you want to be.

    If your trainers are over a year old and you've been using them regularly I would think you're ready for a new pair!

    Warm up wise - I would set off at a brisk walk for a minute or so, then start jogging and increase the speed of that jog over the next 5 or so minutes to your usual pace.  If you're tired maybe walk a bit longer at first - even Paula has days when she needs to walk-jog apparently. I would walk/jog a bit for a few minutes at the end as well so that you don't just stop and suddenly start stretching.  Think of all that blood that you've just pumped down to your feet that you don't want to pool down there as you've suddenly stopped - you need your body to equalise a bit before you do your stretches (normally heart rate of 110bpm ish before you start stretching - easy walking breathing is about the right feeling for this)

    Hope this helps - have fun! image

  • ChloboChlobo ✭✭✭
    Thank you that really helpful, I will put that into practise and see how I get on image
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