Edinburgh Marathon 2012 - Place available until 31 March

If anyone wishes to take an officially transferrable place in the 2012 Edinburgh Marathon I can provide my one.

Unfortunately it transpires that I won't be in Edinburgh on the weekend of 27/28 May 2012, so instead of the place going to waste I thought I would let people know in case anyone would be interested in the chance of this less expensive entry to the event.

The place cost £48, but I'd be happy to pass it on for £25 (£15 plus the £10 transfer fee paid when reregistering the place on the website.)

If anyone is interested then please feel free to contact me by email on s0898842@sms.ed.ac.uk

Keep on running anyhow!



  • Thanks for everyone's interest via my email address. I've now transferred my place.

    Best wishes,

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