Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon

Just wondering if anyone else is in for this?


It'll be my first half marathon, but unlike a week ago when I would have been slightly awestruck at the step to enter a half marathon, I'm now seeing it as good training for the Kielder Marathon in October.

What a difference a week makes... image


  • You should join a club

  • I did. image

    The Vegetarian Cycling and Athletic Club. It has many things to argue in it's favour - it's a club, for one, there's a club vest (yay!) and the people are spread all over, so I don't need to start making excuses for not making club training nights. 

    Virtually perfect for the vest-wearing, calendar-blind vegetarian about town.

  • Do they run the Harrier League (cross country)?
  • Don't know - I'll have a look at their site...
  • I don't think they do - pity, great experience and excellent training opportunity for longer runs
  • I had thought about joining Northumberland Fell Runners, who do more hills and stuff, but I kind of got round to the VCAC first - the whole first claim / second claim confuses me hugely, so I don't know if I even could join NFR now, or what...
  • Yes, you can.a couple of my club mates are also in NFR. They only run fell races in NCF vests. We are on facebook and website


  • Righto - might check that out then - thanks!
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