Just a quick question

After doing a couple of good runs this week, 3 Pbs in 3 differant distances in 1 week omg happy as jack image

 I thought id get myself a new pair of trail shoes, something light and doesnt slip in the mud like my last pair did a lot...

So Inov8 X talon 212s.....

Question, do you wear them barefoot? or with socks.

If like i guess with socks, which socks?? i tried my road socks in them but didnt feel quite right, so what socks are best used with them?


  • I think most people run with socks but its personal preference.
    Just try some different pairs - I've found cheap aldi socks to be as good as any.
  • I just bought some 212's aswell and was told a lot of runners wear them without socks. But that was generally, not just specifically the 212.

    The main reason being is that your feet will never remain totally dry in any shoe in severe wet and any socks just soak up the water and can make your feet feel uncomfortable and sluggish. Some will fare better when wet (material and ability to drain away water or not rub due to some socks being multi layered and some are not).

    That said I've never been bothered by wet socks and would have to try going sockless myself to really gage the benefit or consequence. The 212 are supposed to be a precision fit so am wandering if I should have bought a smaller size and gone without socks too. I found my usual size 10 too big and the 9.5 too small so ended up buying the 10. I'm wandering if I should have gone for the 9.5 and gone sockless.

    Tomorrow morning I'm going to cristen them and since they feel a bit long I will be wearing socks.






  • I like the smartwool phd socks for running when it's wet I've been out in them for 8 hours before through mud and water and no blisters! Also worn them for a marathon and no blisters! They are great image
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