Have I met the greatest mara runner ever?

Last night, I was chilling out in the sauna when I got chatting to a guy who said he's run a 3hr 30 marathon after running 3M to and from work for a few months before.

How amazing is that?! Imagine how good he could be if he actually did some training! He also advised me to push to the front to get a good start. Genius!

Then there was the guy who told me to suck on a small pebble to prevent a dry mouth. Silly me, thinking a Camelbak and emergency fiver was the way to go.

But if I didn't fancy a pebble, I could always drink diluted, flat coke on race day because 'the caffeine and cocaine will make you run really well.'

Why do these old gits (no offence to old gits) who couldn't run a bath, feel the need to tell me how to train?! ARGH!


  • Oh don't!

    The 3hr30 man was wearing holey, saggy, white/grey/transparent pants. Sooo inappropriate for the sauna!!

    Such a horrid end to what was supposed to be a relaxing run and swim session.
  • On the train to London the other year I was listening to some old bloke tell a novice the best thing to do for their shoes was to put them in the washing machine - to soften them up.

    Pebble in the mouth - that's genius. I cant see anything possibly going wrong with that whatsoever. Hmm maybe he's some kind of passive serial killer ?
  • image I don't suppose you overheard what wash to put the trainers on at Cougie???  Don't want to make a beginner error of putting them in on a boil wash when it should be cold or vice versa...

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Put one trainer in hot water, one in cold water. Let them dry for an hour, then switch round.

     You now need a new pair of trainers.

    As for the guy who ran 3hr 30 for a marathon off 3mile commutes. He's one of 2 things. Lying, or stupid, and it would have been a miserable plod round at 8min miling.

  • Like your comment Stevie G -  plodding around at 8 minute mile pace - an old friend of mine no longer talks to me because about 8 years ago I had a letter printed in the Metor that suggested that anyone who couldn't run under 3 hours couldn't consider themselves a marathon runner !  There was far more in the letter than just that and was totally tonuge in cheek - but he totally missed that point -

    Seriously you need to remember that the old boys probably did run those sort of times off that sort of training and if you ever read Plimsolls on and Eyeballs out you will see just what was recommended in the days gone by - in the 60s and 70s distance running was a completely different sport - I have posted this before - but I remember a few years ago doing the Roding Valley Half Marathon on a very cold day and listening to a couple of old club members wanting to know why the runners these days needed water out on the course as they wouldn't have needed it when they wer competing - so it is always possible that he is not a lier!!!  Just that he ran what he considered to be a very slow time on little training   

  • Nike actually used to advise machine washing their running shoes.  I still have the owners manual from a pair of Nike Internationalist from the 1980s and it's there in black and white. I wouldn't recommend putting them in the tumble dryer though! image
  • I thought olden days runners ran 100s of miles in training ? I suppose not ALL of them did though !
  • I suppose so - but to soften them up ??
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭
    A runner I know once overheard a couple of others discussing their latest London Marathon run, 'I went through the first 10 miles in just over 48 minutes, I thought it a little fast but didn't let it worry me'.
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