Marathon with no training

Run a marathon with no training - BBC

(Warning: contains references to Jedward.)


  • I'm so tempted to reply "yeah, right. Now prove it"

    Impossible to retrospectively prove that they did no training, so I'm going with they're talking out of their collective ar$es.

    And the other two start with they completed it on no training, only to backtrack from there, they were in good conditiona nd regular runners - a different thing from literally no training.

    Its more impressive to train and complete it to the best of your ability than the scrape round on minimal effort.

  • It has been known for a long time that they used to be club runners.  You can tell from their legs that they still run, but maybe not to the same degree.

    I've done a marathon on no specific marathon training and would be likely to make the throw away comment that I hadn't trained for it.  The media have chosen to interpret that from the point of view of a non-runner rather than a runner.  Easy mistake to make, but Jedward have been in the limelight long enough to know better than to make ambiguous comments to the media.

  • RatzerRatzer ✭✭✭

    Is James B, London, down in the comments , trolling?

    If people think you can genuinely *run* a marathon (sub 2:45)

    I'm back to being a jogger again...

  • They're not in the results.
  • MoraghanMoraghan ✭✭✭
    Maybe Jedward were trained by that crossfit bullshitter.  Although they probably would have finished in 2:04 if they had been.
  • Ah, they didn't actually enter the event - they just ran it.
  • I reckon they should be encouraged to enter on minimal, if any training.  They'll be sufficiently wrecked afterwards to scupper their chances in Eurovision, clearing the way for our very own septuagenerian.

    Ah, Eurovision, now that's an event that requires training.

  • It depends.

    I and plenty of my clubmates have run sub-3:30 marathons entering last minute, and if I had to do one tomorrow I think I could do that reasonably easily.  That's not specific training and it's "on a whim", but it's not quite the "I've never run before" that the story suggests as we all tend to keep ourselves quite fit.

    Even more generally, if you look at what people are obliged to do in wartime or emergencies or indeed to fetch water daily in poor countries, it suddenly doesn't look so miraculous to be able to half-jog 26.2 miles along a flat, smooth road with unlimited water and food.  It's something that any fit adult really should be able to do.

    The Jedwards look pretty skinny to me and must be fairly fit, and if you've ever seen that video of one of them badly wrenching his knee on stage but continuing performing, you'll know that under that daft exterior there's some real toughness.

  • They're only young and they were county standard cross country runners at school ? Plus they're always bouncing around all over the place - not exactly specific training, but they're not sat on their bums like most of us have to be at work.

    I read somewhere they did it in 4.15 or so ? So not bad for a first go - but if they'd trained properly they should be sub 3 runners I reckon.

    Unless their hair slows them down.
  • I'm amazed that their hair survived.

    Actually, forget that.  Mine tends to stand on end when it gets sweaty, even though it is flat the rest of the time. Who needs hair gel

  • I wasn't sure what a 'Jedward' was so I checked out the link provided.  It told about two young men in strange outfits and unusual hairstyles who had apparently run a marathon without any training.  It looks as though they were doing what my mother calls 'showing off' so they are probably publicity seekers. I could see no mention of their finish time.

    I am sure it is possible to 'complete' a marathon with minimal or no training; there are plenty of finishers in 7 or 8 hours in London every year; which is walking pace.  This opens the can of worms which is whether there should be a cut off time of say 5 or 6 hours.  Beyond that it really isn't 'running' a marathon.

  • SuperCaz, I've had to invest in hair clips since I got my hair cut shorter. When I get sweaty, two strands at the side escape from my pony tail and curl up. I look like a ram!
  • My hair is only an inch or two long, so hair clips wouldn't stay in.
  • We are talking Jedward here. They apparently have had adhd since birth!! It would be harder for them to sit still for 4 hours than run! Have you ever seen them interviewed they can't stay still! I totally believe they did no training! Probably took nothing out of them! Just sorry they couldn't have channelled this excess energy into running earlier and maybe us Irish would have had a chance of an olympic medal this Summer!!! You never know what the future holds for these guys, the funniest was the picture of them eating their burgers after!!
  • Emma Mayle??!!!  Or a pseudonym for Glenda Slagg!!!!???? Dontcha just love 'em??????!!!!!!!
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