Shoe wear..not wear

Does anyone else have a heavier wear pattern on the soles of one of their running shoes? I seem to scuff a little on my right lateral midfoot wearing my shoe more.


  • The wear on my shoes is slightly different, I'm more on the outside of my left foot than my right.

    unless they're vastly different, then this is quite normal. We're not perfectly symetrical, this is refelcted in the way we move and so you'll tend to have a slightly assymetric wear pattern.

    If it's vastly different, then that might suggest you need something custom to address the assymetry. But you'd possibly know that from other problems, not just shoe wear.

  • It's due to the curvature of the earth.

    All runners in Equatorial Africa for example, would experience even left and right wear.

    The closer to the poles you go, the more pronounced the uneven left and right wear will be.
  • My left shoes (running and non running) show heavier wear than my right. My theory is I push off more with my stronger right leg and so land heavier on the left.
  • Yes, the outer edge of my left shoe wears more quickly. I've worked out this is due to me landing slightly differently, but don't consider it a problem. One thing to look out for is that it's not caused by you frequently running on a camber, which could cause you other problems.
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