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 I have a garmin 405cx which I have used for a couple of years and has alway gave me sensible results. Last night however I went for an easy 10k run (having done a 10 mile the night before). I was running a very easy pace and felt very comfortable all the way round. When I looked at my data though it suggested that my max heart rate was 215??? usually my max heart rate on a tempo run would be 175-180.

Has anyone else had issues like this with a garmin 405 or am I in dire need of an ecg???


  • Hi

    I have a 310 Xt and had the same problems.  To get around it I have to wet the heart rate band before I go out running.  It seems to work for me!

  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    You do need to wet the HRM to get accurate feedback from the off but it sounds like yours needs a new battery. I usually change mine a couple of times a year whether it needs it or not.
  • thats what I was thinking actually. I was going to change it and see

  • yes you probably need a new battery. Also if you want you can check out  garmin 610 with hearth monitor it has a lot longer battery time power.
  • I got a new battery and it was fine, if I do get a new garmin it will probably be the 910 as I dont really like the touch controls on this one
  • I gave up completely on the HRM strap that came with mine (ave HR over 30 min run: 40. I don't think so) and got the premium soft strap version instead. Sometimes it seems to be working fine (i.e. the results make sense) but still get erratic results sometimes. Are they serious about not wearing synthetic fibres?! Have they tried running in cotton?!
  • Housebrick - What is the fit and feel like on the premium? I absolutely loathe the standard and as a result rarely use it; the standard is either rib cage constrictingly tight or slips down to my waist; I have been thinking about buying the premium is it worth it?
  • I gave up on the standard because at its tightest it wasn't tight enough - I suspect it was also too rigid so as I moved, the sensors weren't maintaining contact. The premium is much more comfortable and appears to be getting more sensible readings, but every so often still loses the plot - possibly if I'm not hot enough for the contacts to be sweaty enough? Or I'm wearing the "wrong" fabric?

    It was worth it on the basis that before I got it, the HRM function was completely useless - at least I'm getting some sort of results, now. Today's 40 min run gave v consistent reading - suspect it was accurate and the fact that it was on the high side is a design flaw inherent to me, rather than the Garmin!
  • Mr BoatMr Boat ✭✭✭
    I've got the standard one and as long as it's damp it works, even through 3 layers when it's really cold. I usually spit on the contacts just as I set off.
  • Mr Boat, I think the problem I've had with the standard one is about the fit rather than the wet (I do always wet the contacts). The occasional erratic readings I've had from the premium strap might be to do with it drying out (e.g. hillwalking in cold weather when I'm not staying sweaty enough and the spit is getting wicked out!). But in the meantime, for running at least, it seems to be fine.
  • Tenho uma duvida, o garmin 405cx só comunica com o PC com o USB ANT ? pelo cabo usb só carrega ?

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