Review: Soleus 2.0 GPS Watch

 I just got a SOleus 2.0 GPS watch at the weekend - having been unable to find a review, I guess bevause it's new, I figured I ought to write one on my blog. It's here:

Hope it helps.


  • Thanks for the review. Have you managed to time how long it actually operates while doing its GPS magic?
  • No routes, workouts, structured training programmes or HRM for the same money you can get a Garmin 305. They're way behind.
  • I haven't run the battery down yet - think it reckons 8 hours with GPS on, 30 days with it off.

    Re: Garmin 305, yes you can get bargains on older models, but I would be put off by the size of it - I'm going on holiday soon and I'm planning to just take the Soleus and use it as a wrist watch. I also wanted to go take a look at what I was buying. I've only seen those kind of offers on Amazon.
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